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Meet Gabriela Berrospi – The Face Behind Latino Wall Street

If you keep on doing the old things you are used to; you will be left in a void area. This is why Latino Wall Street is on a quest to help educate the Latina Women about the stock market. People have been viewing the stock market as a ‘thing for great economists’, but The Latino Wall Street is here to show them that it belongs to anyone and it is a real source of income that can transform lives.

Gabriela Berrospi, the founder of the Latino Wall Street movement, who is an honors student in Options Trading after studying at New York University (NYU), shares her story with us and the inspiration behind the Latino Wall Street movement.

Latino Wall Street is on a mission to offer financial education to the Latino community, which is growing exponentially. Gaby wants to share everything she knows with others hoping that they can get financial literacy and diversity. So far, she has managed to reach over 1000 people in person.

From Peru To Wall Street

Born and raised in Peru, Gabriela, aka, Gaby Wall Street knew nothing about the stock markets. However, that was not a bother to her. She did not know that there is such a thing in existence. Many people in Latin America do not bother getting acquainted with stocks – the majority don’t think it’s open for all and they remain that way. 

It was during her stay in New York as she was studying, Gaby lived near Wall Street, and she has surrounded herself with traders. She ventured into trading, and eventually, she started a stock exchange business which made her work from home.

She paid all her 6-figure student debt by the 21 years – that’s what’s expected of Gaby, who was recently selected as the Youngest Latina Women under 30 for the prestigious and elite Forbes Financial Council. Being seen as a heroine by her age mates, she knew that many people are languishing in debts and the desire to help others generate income as she did.

Huge Opportunity Awaits The Latinos 

With her passion for empowering many people, especially the Latina women, who she describes are living in a male-dominated field, Latina is creating a way for them to become independent without relying on the mercies of anyone. She knows how there is a huge opportunity awaiting the women if they will make some efforts to leverage the power of the stock markets.

She has shifted all her focus because she knows the mission ahead is a big one. With the help of two co-founders, Alan Burak and Tony (Disrupt) Delgado she knows she is following a route that will lead to many people’s revolution.

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Knowledge is power

For Latino Wall Street to succeed in its mission, Gaby ought to share all the information she has about Wall Street to the left-out community of Latinos. She knows that her skillset in trading will help acquaint the members of the already running Latino Wall Street movement with financial education. She is teaching differently this time; she is using her mother tongue – Spanish.

She wants the Hispanics to know that stock trading is not meant for the English Speaking alone. However, with the mission to offer insight, education, and resources to the Latin American women, Latino Wall Street started with online courses in Spanish. Their main aim is people to benefit, and by providing the insights, Gaby and the co-founders are sure that they will expand and reach the 400 million people who speak Spanish to transform culture without leaving anyone behind.

With the rising need for financial literacy, Gaby knows there is much she needs to air out to curb the economic distress ongoing. As always, the sting bites more for the minors. That’s why The Latino Wall Street Movement is determined to level up the Latino women.


Stanley Gatero
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