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From 0 To $1M In 4 Years; Lost It All, And Then Did It All Over Again. Alex Draper Success Story That Will Surprise You

“Six-figures” and “the next big thing” are phrases that have made headlines recently. Everyone is on the move to attain coveted status. However, success does not just happen and is not for the faint-hearted. It needs a determined mindset, passion, patience, and persistence. The reality is that often you might fail, but that shouldn’t scare you. Accept failure as it is part of your success journey. 

Alex Draper grew up as a hardworking kid. His father taught him everything not to do. As a young man, Alex got lost. However, this character of hard work always pushed him to the next level. He went to college to become a teacher & after graduation, he fell into the management development industry.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Alex has been a phenomenal figure in the leadership training space. He has worked fearlessly and passionately to change the record on how leadership training is perceived and how effective leadership training can be done right.

 He has made a difference and upset the apple cart in his industry. 

In six years, they had a client list to die for, including United, ManpowerGroup, Takeda, Regeneron, Eaton Corp, Zurich, and many others. They went from $0 to over $1 million in four years. Then when Covid hit, they managed to pivot the entire business. All their training was in-person, and so they had to adapt their whole business to a new business model. They had $3million in revenue for that year, all wiped out. Including their first $1million deal with a well-known airline. So rebuild they did. Building new virtual products in record time.

Since then Alex and his company, DX Learning Solutions, have won major deals over large incumbents. They have become one of the vendors of choice at a well-known Financial Service company in Chicago, training over 1000 people every year. This year, after losing it all last year, they will have a record year.

For large organizations, DX supply and deliver, license the products to enhance their leadership development efforts. For smaller organizations, help build, shift and sustain human-centric cultures. 

What Makes Alex Scale?


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  • Leading by Example


One of the things that have made Alex emerge victorious in his career is effective leadership. This man always leads by example. He doesn’t preach water and drink wine, but instead, he does what he teaches. He takes all his lessons learned over 20 years of failures to take leadership training to the next level and lead his team in the same way. This character has made his team believe and trust in him. 


  • Hard Work


Something else that stands very tall in Alex’s life is that he is very hardworking. It was once said that hard work can beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard. It is true that nothing beats hard work. Persistent and hard work will consistently deliver results. 


  • Passion


Also, passion is the fuel that always drives Alex. Are you looking to scale the heights of any field? Begin to develop a culture of passion. Always be passionate about what you do. Passion will make you do your stuff with all the dedication, fulfillment, and joy. 


  • Team’s Culture


DX possesses a strong culture that any organization can borrow and thrive. In their culture, they ask themselves specific questions that are prescribed in Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage:

  1. Why do we exist? 
  2. How do we behave? 
  3. What do we do? 
  4. How do we succeed?
  5. What is important right now?
  6. Who does what?

Every Monday morning, Alex and his team start with those six questions, which is how they have managed to establish a strong culture. They give feedback and are also dedicated to creating psychological safety. 


All your dreams can come true if you dare to pursue them. Today, Alex is not only successful but has also helped develop and unlock the leadership potential in over 25,000 people with DX’s leadership programs worldwide. 

Visit his website here. 

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