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FriendsWitNobody making big moves in the music industry through his songs


One of the main American Rappers, who has followed his genealogical record to Nigeria, has promised to advance the nation’s picture abroad even as he has begun affecting networks and lives of poverty-stricken kids. James Guyton, well known as JG, a vagrant, and American conceived music star, is a lead singer, essayist, and maker for the gathering: FriendsWitNobody (F.W.N.) and was as of late in the country.

“FriendsWitNobody” is one more name that has proved that You can win anyone’s heart by singing. Not just a singer, he is a versatile Model with his great looks and creative thought. Hailing from an American-based Nigerian, the 38-year-old is working on his creative skills rather than looks.
As indicated by him, an immediate DNA test led has connected him to his tragically missing precursors in Nigeria. Brought into the world in Des Moines, IA, he experienced childhood in Sacramento, California where he had an unpleasant childhood and adolescence.
He has two songs of his own, which are making a splash on YouTube, the name of both songs is IGWE 1 & 2 . Which he has also produced himself and it has crossed a million views on YouTube.

The rapper, in a delivery, gave in Lagos, announced that his mission to track down the lost data in his bloodline has at last yielded positive outcome as he has tracked down his actual family personality. A result of his current circumstance, which was encircled with music that he experienced passionate feelings for at an early age, in quest for a superior life, he moved to Denver, Colorado as a grown-up on an excursion to track down his more profound self and his higher bringing in God, in the wake of losing the two guardians. In addition to the fact that he found his higher reason along with his excursion, he likewise tracked down his actual family personality.

This applies to any career or goal built in his or her life and is not just confined to modeling or the creative field. With these ideas, he often encourages the youngsters to follow their dreams and work hard seeking the support of their families. In a sense, he has emerged now as an inspiration for many budding actors and models. Being enthusiastic about acting “FriendsWitNobody” has a positive viewpoint of never give up. They think that if you really love your passion, then you should always be honest to your dream and achieve it with all of your diligent.

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