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Freelancing Is the Future

According to the latest industry data, the freelance lifestyle is on the greatest rise ever in America. This is because the freelance workforce is finally beginning to be recognized because of remote work. Living the digital nomad lifestyle has been their usual routine, which is why freelancers are making a huge impact in society today. 


Numbers and Data

In 2016, freelancers were able to accumulate over $1 trillion, growing from 53 million in 2014 to 55 million in 2016 and comprising 35 percent of the U.S. workforce. Louis Hyman, an associate professor and the director of the Institute for Workplace Studies at Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations shared how the freelance workforce is an integral component of the economy given its continuous and rapid increase. However, ascertaining the direction of this line of work is the biggest question in the digital age. 


Given the data, it is apparent that freelancers are earning more and more each year, as their number and the demand for their work increases. This, in turn, leaves more highly skilled workers considering the shift to the freelance lifestyle, with the idea that one can work to better one’s life, rather than live to better one’s work.


Additionally, the Freelancing in America report, the most comprehensive study of the U.S. independent workforce, reveals that 63 percent of freelancers opted for their work by choice than necessity. Around 10 percent of full-time freelancers feel overwhelmingly positive about their work, wherein they considerably feel more respected, engaged, empowered, and excited to start each day rather than non-freelance workers. 


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Juxtaposing this to traditional employment, 79 percent of freelancers say freelancing is better, with half stating that there’s no amount of money that would convince them to take a traditional job and quit freelancing. The majority of freelancers that left a full-time job say they were able to earn more through freelancing than they did with an employer within a year. Moreover, they also work with a flexible schedule, with less than 40 hours per week (36 hours/week on average) while making more money and feeling better about themselves.


The Future of the Freelance Workforce

There are some predictions that the freelance workforce would comprise half of the U.S. workforce by 2020. Despite not reaching that threshold, the freelance lifestyle is undeniably becoming increasingly attractive to people, which is why I, Nathan Harris, founded Ease. With Ease, this lifestyle of freedom and professional fulfillment is made accessible to anyone from different regions of the world.


Aside from the staggering increase in number, reports also show that 70 percent of freelancers want to raise more awareness and spark discussions concerning the development and empowerment of the independent workforce. With their advocacy, they aim to make an immense impact on our society with the way business is done and the standards of what defines a quality life. With that, it is essential for everyone to witness this movement with the goal of fostering this community, allowing them to collaborate and, ultimately, innovate through numerous channels to create positive collisions.


At the core of freelancing is the technological advancements that have emerged over the years. If the freelance workforce was the Colorado River then the technology would be the Hoover Dam. Cultivating the power of this amazing group of people and providing them with avenues to connect is the future we have all dreamt of achieving. The distribution of their talents through necessary channels can help align their services with consumers’ needs, which can result in more positive development.


Remember, this is not only America’s future but the whole workforce. Be prepared for this wave of change and go along with its movement—to better yourself and the world.

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Nathan Harris
Written By

Technology founder and restaurateur with over 10 years of experience in building timeless and award-winning brands.

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