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Find Out How Kaegi Leadershift is Disrupting the Leadership Space

The leadership space is quite an intense and competent place where thought and visionary leaders shape different economies. That space is also a hot seat where so much tension and pressure resides beside the success. Most of them end up turning to themselves. However, Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd realized the need for leaders to grow beyond their current state of hard work to heart work®. 

The company has emerged from another group—emPowerment Group, which Heinz Kaegi founded. The Kaegi Leadershift Ltd consists of a team of coaches and mentors worldwide inspiring, developing, and shaping the future, with visionary executives and companies arriving at epic people empowerment to make exceptionally positive progress. It simply inspires and challenges innovative leaders and executives to uncover their inner goals to curate a sustainable economic impact from heart work®.

Kaegi Leadershift Ltd is also disrupting the leadership space with its top-notch expertise. It has distinguished business executives with decades of experience, allowing them to reference their wisdom and skills learned on the job. The group, which initially started in Switzerland, has tapped global series, as they also speak multiple languages and offer inspiration from all forms of background. Their global reach results from a fully committed team and enthusiasm about what they do, sharing insights.

The company is providing a new kind of class known as the LEX Leadershift Excellence™ Program. It is a globally unique development program founded on seven laws that move visionary leaders from hard work to heart work®. This program best suits any leader who thrives on leaving a legacy for the next generation. 

Kaegi Leadershift has overcome the challenge of getting executive boards to learn to dream again, accessing and understanding their long-term vision, inspiring their next generation of leaders. 

The leader of this vast team of mentors & coaches who gave his name to the group is Heinz Kaegi. Heinz was prominent in the corporate world for years in the management space before getting into entrepreneurship. He made millions of dollars and realized the CEO and company were compressing his ideas and creativity. Moreso, for a long time, Heinz wanted to walk the entrepreneurial path and was held back by fear. He eventually took that step with the emPowerment Group Ltd, from which Kaegi Leadershift Ltd. emerged in 2016.

Heinz’s visionary company naturally attracts 80% of clients through word of mouth. The clients walk the talk and deliver on agreed success assignments. They were able to condition the massive advantage over the years now with their ideal clientele, exclusively. They have a sales cycle of between 3 – 6 months.

They have also won the hearts of prolific clients like Direct Mail Company, DSG DeSede Group, Electrolux, Maurice Lacroix,  Mepha International, Otto Fischer, Graduated School of Business, Swissport, UBS Bank, among others.

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They are also hosting an event in April 2022 for a one-on-one session with Heinz. Only 2 tickets are available for Top Executives, it will be in Cancun for one week at $25,000. For Executives, and at 50 slots, it will be held in Salt Lake City for an intensive 2,5-day event at $5,000. 

Kaegi Leadershift is undoubtedly taking the world by storm. Thanks to the competent & enthusiastic team, amazing clients, diverse languages, and different backgrounds. It is worth joining the ship to discover your life goals and live as the leader in your way. You can reach out to them through:

Heinz Kaegi
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Founder of Kaegi Leadershift

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