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Farhan Shahriar – Digital Marketing, Entrepreneur and Influencer in Bangladesh, CEO of Findequipnow

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Farhan Shahriar is a famous entrepreneur, digital expert, podcaster, artist and investor. He was born on 31 January 2003 in Sylhet, Bangladesh and he is 19 years old (As of 2021). He was raised up in Sylhet, and Settle. He is best known as the founder of Findequipnow and Equipjungle.

Farhan Shahriar’s focus is on bridging the gap in marketing knowledge. There are too many businesses who are lagging behind, too intimidated by the industry to embrace it. Findequipnow, as well as Findequipnow blog on marketing and podcast, all aim to help companies grow their traffic and engagement with their audience.




From his childhood, Farhan Shahriar has been thinking about how to get into business and profit from it. He said that throughout his early childhood he was on the quest for business ideas he has been thinking about how to get into business and profit from it, until he found something profitable and of his interest!

Farhan Shahriar was armed with determination and a youthful sense of hope, and Sylhet was the perfect place for him to begin his journey. Farhan Shahriar had always had a flair for digital marketing and had worked with a lot of social media and marketing houses as an intern in the past. He used these prior experiences and connections in the industry to land himself a good job.

Today his clientele consists of a wide variety of people- anyone can hire his services if they want him to endorse their product or business. He also specializes in content creation and advises on networking and search engine optimization to his customers.

Farhan says that: Entrepreneurship ran in his blood”. Farhan says that: Entrepreneurship ran in his blood”. Several successful businesses were run by his maternal uncles. Even, there was a time when his mother began her own daycare business. Farhan’s parents were all right with the lifestyle, although it didn’t attract much profit. But Farhan Shahriar wasn’t!

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Too many PR agencies in the market have increased the competition in general but if the standard remains outstanding for a longer period of time, then any brand makes its place in the midst of a highly competitive environment.

Building brand recognition and magnifying professional authority is the main purpose of Findequipnow. To ensure these services, Findequipnow hires high skilled professional writers, adroit web developers, and web organizers. Having a great relationship with media houses is one of the most important characteristics a PR consultant should acquire.



Findequipnow was founded by Farhan Shahriar in 2020. Findequipnow Digital is a marketing agency specializing in performance marketing. Its services entail content marketing, data, analytics, video, and search.


Make Your Own Powerful Brand

In early 2020, Farhan founded the daily podcast “Make Your Own Powerful Brand”. “Make Your Own Powerful Brand” is considered by many as one of the most popular digital marketing podcasts in the podcast realm.


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Farhan, like other successful entrepreneurs, garners a lot of appreciation as well as criticism from the public, especially in the digital advertising community. His name is well-recognized and respected worldwide

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