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Exclusive Interview with Willy Hobal, Founder of Hobal Luxury Collection

Willy Hobal
Willy Hobal

Team management plays an important role while running a luxury hotel. From the reception, cleaners, marketers, accountants, cooks, and more. Everyone should work in an organized way and the managers should be responsible for encouraging the team members to provide quality service to the guest. When a customer enters the hotel they want a clean, positive ambience, fully functional electronic, fresh bathroom, clean beds and more. Before the arrival of the guest, everything should be prepared and the whole environment around the hotel should make the customer feel important.

Meet Willy Hobal, Founder of Hobal Luxury Collection. He is an excellent example of a luxury hotel specialist who has worked with various reputed hotels and supervised the commercial and sales management team. He has mastered the methods of promoting hotels as well as understands customers’ needs.


Hello Willy, Please tell us more about you and your business.

Willy: I have always been passionate about using my gifts of serving others to make a difference. It fulfills me to see people feeling comfortable and satisfied and that their expectations are more than repleted. Throughout the years, I have developed a holistic approach to what is actually at play in a sales process. With my unique command of tactical thinking, human factor and resourcefulness I founded the Hobal Luxury Collection.


What are the things that make guests feel like a home in a hotel?

Luxury hotels should always provide service and comfort that gives a home feeling to the client. Everything that is presented at the hotel should have a feel good factor. This is one of the ways to get repeat customers and recommendations. 


Here are some of the things that can enhance the surrounding and create a home like feeling in a hotel.

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  • A garden area can be one of the best options for guests to hangout during their free time. They can do small morning walks. Most of the guests prefer to read books and have tea in the garden. This also boosts the income of the hotel. Having a garden area allows guests to find a connection with nature. For most of the people who are raised in cities, they prefer hotels with plants.
  • The room should have good lighting during the day. Sunrays provide positive energies and also makes guests feel safe.  A small flower on a table next to the bed will provide an additional feel like a home experience.
  • The bedding fabric should be soft. 
  • Different arts on the wall makes the guest appreciate the dedication of the hotel to provide a great customer service.
  • Smiling and friendly nature of the staff allows the guest to ask for their requirement without hesitation.


How can an individual be a successful hotel manager?

In luxury hotels there are many managers who deal with different aspects of the hotel. Guest wants to meet the manager if something goes wrong or the service has some problem. So, the hotel reputation is in the hand of the hotel manager.

These are some of the tips that can help to be a successful hotel manager:

  • Every morning, a hotel manager should motivate the staff to give their best performance. If there are any things that are stopping the team from getting the best result, the manager should act quickly to fix it.
  • Connect your team with the right technologies. Find the best possible ways to get the job done faster. Also you should be promptly notified if there are any difficulties with a guest.
  • Lead by examples, rather than pressuring work to the staff. Provide them with tools and strategies that can help them to give their best.
  • You need to know the people who are working under you. Congratulate & reward them for their deserving success and create a social, harmonic work surrounding.


How can outsourcing marketing services help luxury hotels?

Luxury hotels have numerous departs to take care of. Having many staff to work can make a mess inside the hotel. Marketing is one of the departments that a hotel does not need in house work. Doing so reduces the excessive uses of office areas and reduces the extra cost of staff. Like Hobal Luxury Collection, we help different hotels to get the maximum return on investment without having us to work inside the hotel.


It was amazing to learn some of the luxury hotel tips from Willy Hobal. We hope reading his answers has helped you. To get additional tips or to have a luxury hospitality sales, marketing and PR company that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via his official website:

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