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EXCLUSIVE: How This Refugee Edmond Barseghian Rose To Disrupt The Car Industry

Life is like a roller coaster. It has good times and bad times, ups and downs. Therefore you decide to either enjoy the ride or scream.
War hit Iran and Iraq when Edmond Barseghian was only six months old. His family fled to Turkey across the mountains on donkeys and eventually settled in Sweden as refugees. Little did Edmond know that they would end up in the US a few years later. However, this was just the beginning of a successful journey.

The Come Up

Before moving to the US, Edmond lived in Sweden. In Sweden, there was this start-up company called Koenigsegg which would eventually become one of the premier exotic car companies in the world. This company had just made their first concept car, and the news was spreading like a brush fire. They had made an Exotic car which was a supercar. They were showcasing a 30-minute documentary-like film on the news, and Edmond was watching the video. This ‘car thing’ is something that touched Edmond on a different nerve, and he thought that was something he could do for the rest of his life.
Edmond wanted to start his car company. He wanted to be the next Koenigsegg. This Swedish company had sparked the light in him to have a business-related to cars. Edmond moved from Sweden to LA when he was ten years old and went to study Microbiology. Initially, he was supposed to study Pharmacy.

Why You Should Never Despise Your Passion

Car passion drove Edmond into the Exotic car business. His passion for cars had even begun much earlier when he was three years old. He would point at cars while on his fathers’ shoulders and would then name the make a model. Edmond would also watch Formula One races together with his father where they would cheer on his idol Ayrton SennaCars and motor racing became his ‘blood.’
Passion gave Edmond greater self-awareness and self-confidence. It also empowered him to start making a living out of what he likes most. His Exotic car business gave him the satisfaction he ever needed in his life.
Shaking The Car Industry

When Edmond bought his first Exotic car, he started getting involved in the car business. The huge contracts like the AAA contract, CHP contract, and Metro freeway service Patrol contract he had received while working with his father helped him purchase a Lamborghini when he was only 24 years old. He bought a V12 Lamborghini Murcielago ip640, which was orange in color.
And as time went on, Edmond, together with his friend and business partner, began to build their own Boutique hypercar company. They both put in the money in the company and started building their chassis, their engine, and even carbon fiber body. The car will be revealed in 2022 and they promise to be a contender against Koenigsegg.

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