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Eric Jemielita: Running 2 Successful Companies and Becoming An Entrepreneur at 16

Eric Jemielita, unlike most entrepreneurs, has been in business since he was a teenager. As an experienced entrepreneur, he affirms that hard work has been an important factor throughout his entrepreneurial journey. This has made him a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and coach. He is now a founder, president, and CEO of two companies; Genesis Financial and Jemielita Group. Leading two companies to success has not only made Eric become highly sought after as a public speaker, but also a coach in personal development and leadership.


Helping Others


Eric has been on the front line to help people learn basic financial strategies that they were never taught. This includes making, saving, and investing their money with better techniques to secure a safer future for their financial life and their families. “We provide financial literacy to families that need some direction on what to do with their wealth,” he said.


Company Operations


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Eric’s company is involved in insurance and investments. “We use these important financial tools to help families and individuals create a plan to prosper financially, plan for the future, retirement, and set up their future generations for success.”


Sustainable Growth


It is everyone’s desire that their company grows and succeeds. However, it is a sad reality that some companies fail to succeed. But as a young and tactful entrepreneur, Eric has ensured that his two companies are running successfully.


When answering the reasons for his success, this is what he said, “In a business like ours, people are key. The more people we help, and the more satisfied they are, the more customers we get.” This underscored the reason why his two companies serve their customers with the utmost professionalism to ensure that they get what they want.


“When our clients win, they will refer us to their friends and remain our clients,” he continued, “this creates long term sustainability and new clients.” According to Eric, that is a formula for how every business becomes successful.

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Advice to Startups


To the startups, Eric advises them to ignore the naysayers who will never stop talking, “Learn to endure during hard times and be resilient. Apply the lessons you learn to move forward and keep going, always.”


Final Thoughts


For Eric, who is in a critical family business, he loves serving families and showing them how to grow their wealth. Finally, he is always motivated to push on with the business because it is a family business, and he wants to make those he loves proud and ensure that their financial futures are bright.

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Jonathan Medina
Written By

Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who works with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. He helps them grow their online presence and strategically position them to their advantage.

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