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DJ Buu – Ortavis Cortez Luke-The art of DJing is an art of purety


The art of DJing is built on both skill and timing. For Atlanta native DJ Buu (Ortavis Cortez Luke), knowing the right song to play at the right moment has made him a premiere record breaker at the world famous Magic City.


“I put myself in the customer’s shoes,” he explains what connects him to the audience. “I know what sounds good, and what they want to hear.”


DJ Buu’s vast knowledge of music began during his adolescent years, with the help of his mother. “She used to come home with new records every week,” DJ Buu remembers, “and I’d scratch ‘em up on the record player, acting like I was DJing.”


There was never any doubt what career path he would pursue, and before long, he was saving up money to buy turntables.

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By high school, DJ Buu was entertaining his peers via house parties. Word spread that he was the go-to guy to rock a crowd.


“I met KD, he owned Toe Jam record store on Bankhead and was also a promoter,” he details the start of his professional career. “He basically took me under his wing and got me into the club scene.” When he turned 21, Buu got hired at The Abbey in downtown Atlanta, DJing in the smaller VIP room.


Even with the radio station playing music in the larger part of the club, Dj Buu was attracting all the people to his section. He was later promoted to DJing for the general area, where he became more known and credited.


His next gig was a 4-year stay at Center Court on the Southside of Atlanta, owned by Mr. Big Time (“Check My Footwork.”) “I loved that spot. Everybody came in there every weekend,” he says. It also added another notch to his resume, prior to him hitting the booth at Magic City, where he has been a resident DJ for the last 6 years.


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“I had actually trained somebody to DJ, and later they hooked me up with a spot at Magic City,” Buu explains. He DJed there temporarily at first, while also working at venues like Platinum 21, Body Tap, Mingles and various others. He was given a permanent position at Magic City after the dancers requested management to hire him. Buu credits working with novice DJs like Koolaid, Nando, and X-Rated for his elevated skill level. “When I came in, they made me step my game up, step my mixes up, step everything up.”


With his name more recognized, DJ Buu is focused on catering to a larger market. He spins live on the internet, and also provides his mix podcasts on iTunes. Due to high demand for his playlists, Buu is also working on mixtapes. In addition to his Magic City schedule, Buu will also be featured at clubs in California and surrounding Atlanta areas. He was recently enlisted for a reality show called Players Club. “I’m just very entertaining,” Buu laughs. “Every day is an adventure with me.”


Saadath Mohi-ud-din
Written By

CEO and Founder of Kashmiri's First Podcast App

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