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Deaven Jace Thielen Owner Of Holy Kickz, Shares His Insights On What It Takes To Establish Success in Businesses

As A Young Entrepreneur

Young people are always longing to finish college and start living happy and satisfying lives. Statistics show that up to 41% of Gen Zers want to start their own business and pursue their passion. They desire to be their bosses, be productive, and enjoy purpose-driven lives. But starting your own business is not always that easy. There are many things that you have to learn and do to succeed.

But we can all get some inspiration from those who are already shaping the trends. Look at Kylie Jenner, for example, being the highest-paid celebrity in the world at only 24 years of age. Luckily young people are energetic, enthusiastic, and creative. These are essential ingredients for success in any enterprise, but what more is there for success?

Meet Deaven Jace Thielen, the owner of Holy Kickz, a dealer in trending authentic sneakers and clothing. Deaven is also a recording artist, as well as a budding investor in real estate. At only 24 years of age, Deaven is on a path many of his peers would envy. Read through as he shares insights on how to succeed in business positively influencing others to grow.

Believing in yourself

Deaven believes that young people can achieve whatever they set to do if only they believe in themselves. You have wit, many talents, and abilities but fear of starting to work on your dreams. You fear to fail. Deaven is a firm believer in the scripture. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” has been his inspiration tagline. His advice to young people is to get started on their ventures, and through hard work and believing in themselves to achieve success.

Choose your niche and get started

You will only have one shot in this life. You must give it your best. Give it you’re all. One mistake that people make is to start too many things all at once. They cannot focus on one thing and pursue it thoroughly to get the results they desire.

Whatever the type of business, it’s essential that you put your energy, focus, and pay 100% attention to it. One should work hard on your business every day, take risks, and seek progress every day. The truth is your business might be the trending thing today, but things may be different tomorrow. There may be competition in the venture that you choose. Challenges are limitless, just as much as opportunities. Deaven notes that success needs cultivation. It is about learning from failures and mistakes and improving every day.

Associate with the right people

Young entrepreneurs should always keep their eyes on the goal if they are to succeed. Avoiding distractions and negative influence is an essential aspect of growing your businesses. When you think about things that derail your goals, it could be because of the people surrounding you. Jim Rohn once said, ‘you are the average of the five people you spend time with.’ Keeping the right company and associating with the right friends and peers will influence the pace at which you achieve your goals.

Have mentors to support you along the way is essential. Try to get people who have succeeded in their ventures to learn from their experiences and guide them in the right direction. Get to learn about the challenges in their investments and how to overcome them. One of Deaven’s mentor is his father, who constantly reaffirms to him the need to associate with the right people.

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Working hard

Nothing in life comes easy. As Elon Musk put it, “no matter how hard you work, someone else is working even harder”. Stiff competition in businesses will require that you work hard to keep ahead of the pack. Getting the right information and knowledge necessary for your business and taking advantage of new opportunities and technology will help you improve your business. Deaven believes young entrepreneurs can adapt to different environments, take risks, fail, and rise again until success comes their way.

While time may be on a young entrepreneur’s side, they must use it effectively. Every day should count. Every young business owner should cultivate a work ethic and discipline that will help achieve their goals.

It’s not just passion, energy and effort is a must for you to succeed in business. Have faith and confidence in your abilities, work hard, and keep the right friends to help you move on powerfully.

Reach out to Deaven to learn more Instagram H0lyKickz 

Luis Rios
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US Army Combat Veteran turned talent agent and writer helps companies and people reach new levels of success and influence. Luis also runs TEDx events.

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