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Darshan Patil Entered the Music Industry Creating Buzz

Darshan Patil is the Junior Journalist, Musician, and youngest news editor on the Internet. His passion and consistency have made him reputed all over the internet. He is grown up with vast knowledge of social media and Google fields.

He is the founder of Factdarshan Times leading online news platform that covers the news globally. Darshan Patil has started helping artists and entrepreneurs to grow their online presence. Darshan Patil is from pachora of district Jalgaon. With studying, he recognized the pros and cons of the industry and practiced writing, and did online experiments on which he is getting succeed.

Darshan Patil has now entered the music industry. He will be owning the rights to publishing music. He is planning to launch his music label “Factdarshan Music”. With the help of his friend Ajay Lobo, he is making the new emerging artists grow up by helping them grow an online presence. He released the first existing song of the Nationalist Congress Party named “He Bhavishya Majha Hati” on the streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Youtube Music, etc.

Darshan Patil started online blogging and news platform as a part-time hobby and other work, By researching, studying he acquired vast knowledge in the field of Internet, websites, SEO, PR, Social Media, and blogging. The knowledge helped him realize that in the news industry and press services there are some partiality and malfunctioning criteria that fade away the true people who are hardworking in their perspective fields. So he thought to begin his own news stage. He began Factdarshan Times online news and made this name a Brand. Presently all the report from India and worldwide with various classes is seen on FD Times. He constantly worked and contributed time for the SEO of FD Times. Following not many days the site got positioning on Google with quicker Articles Indexing. The information from Google and News destinations helped Darshan Patil make Factdarshan Times.

To dominate his abilities he continued to apply his insight in some genuine computerized showcasing projects. In a range of only 3 years, he turned out to be exceptionally well known, the explanation being his diligent effort and energy for Digital Marketing Field.

Darshan Patil has worked with The Times of India, Wikipedia, Medium, Open PR, YouthkiAwaaz, MenaFn, Gyaanipedia, Communal News, Times of Malwa, Thrive Global, Maxtern Media, Hindu Wire, Times of Malwa English, story mirror, Yolo Daily, Disrupt Magazine and many more.

Darshan Patil
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Darshan Patil is the Junior Journalist, Musician and youngest news editor on the web. He is the founder of Factdarshan Times online news

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