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How the Host of Europe’s Top Business Podcast, Secret Leaders, Created the Most Talked-About Wellness Startup Around the World

Whilst we take increasing care for our body’s ‘wellness’, the idea around ‘mental wellness’ is possibly even more important, and only just starting to gain the attention it deserves. It influences not only one’s ability to come up with creative ideas, but also the ability to be productive in work. This is why entrepreneurs need to pay much more attention to it more than they often do. Unfortunately, there has been little conversation around mental wellness and how it impacts entrepreneurs specifically. But that is all about to change. 

A seasoned business entrepreneur who has experienced firsthand the demanding and adrenaline-filled world of business decided to speak up about this issue. Moreover, he is working to help out other business people with his wealth of experience and wisdom, while creating a space where those conversations can be heard. It’s no doubt very bold, inspirational and absolutely revolutionary.

Who is Dan Murray-Serter?

The man behind this change is award-winning and multi-talented businessman, Dan Murray-Serter. Most notably, Dan is one of the most well-connected entrepreneurs in Europe. He runs both profit and non-profit organizations, and he is the brains and voice behind Europe’s leading business podcast, Secret Leaders. In a short span of time, this podcast has showcased many of the best entrepreneurs in both Europe and the US, and shone a light on the mental health challenges that come with it, for some guests. Dan’s wealth of connections is undisputed. He has obtained the audience of some of the most influential people in Europe and the world, one of whom was the Queen of England.

It seems that everything this entrepreneur touches thrives with growth and excellence. It’s humbling to see him take time to impact the lives of others who are in the world of business with information on how to best take care of themselves mentally.

Why Dan Murray-Serter?

What distinguishes this leader is his boldness in tackling topics that are often overlooked in the business world. For instance, Dan has shed light on mental wellness and entrepreneurship. He uses every medium he can get both in audio and writing to advocate for better mental care among entrepreneurs. He is also careful to offer his audience both factual information on brain performance according to science, and solutions with his nutritious and plant-based brain supplement. 

Plus, Dan has a unique insight. He is not just a motivational speaker offering tips from a distance. He is someone who is experienced and knows how to get his hands dirty by creating practical solutions. This is not just enlightening but also therapeutic and worth your time and investment.

Why Mental Wellness?

Even though it might seem obvious that entrepreneurs should talk about mental health – many don’t, from fear of being judged by their teams, or their investors, so it’s not as open as it should be. Mental health conversations are usually only reserved for counselors, therapists, or other medical professionals. But Dan does not just share from a scientific perspective; rather, he shares raw, honest lessons from his personal experience with mental unfitness. From his own mental health battles, his passion for mental wellness emerged. 

It is no secret that Dan has lived through his own share of mental health struggles – suffering with acute anxiety and 6 month long insomnia for which he tried every obvious route – even sleep therapy. But, everything changed when he met a dietitian who advised him to consider taking some supplements that had the nutrients his brain had been lacking the entire time. Who knew that through this conversation he would find just the healing he so longed for. From then on, there was no looking back. Dan has since made it his mission to help anyone else who might come across him or his material and resources to get back on their feet mentally.

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How is Dan doing it? 

The first thing Dan, along with Co Founder Joel Freeman, did was to start a newsletter on brain health, rewriting information from neuroscience journals in plain English – over 100 weeks ago. The newsletter aims to equip readers with all the information science offers about the brain. Dan also hosts Secret Leaders podcast, where he not only offers tips from his own personal experience but is also able to host other influential businesspersons to share their wealth of experience in mental wellness and entrepreneurship. The podcast is one of the leading podcasts in Europe. He has also co-founded other nonprofit organizations such as Foundrs, aimed at helping business people in Europe build their connections.

Finally, Dan doesn’t stop at stirring up conversations or sharing information. He has pushed forward to co-found a company called Heights. Alongside his co-founder, serial entrepreneur Joel Freeman, at Heights Dan and Joel produce a best in class natural supplement for the brain which contains the key nutrients that boost the brain’s performance. 

It is no doubt interesting and inspiring to watch one man pour himself into his work as he helps others address and tend to their mental wellness, whilst building a company that he intends to become the number 1 in brain health and mental wellbeing, globally. Indeed, a man is as whole as his mental wellbeing, and Dan is out to unveil the truth in that statement. Connect with him today!


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