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How This Fitness Expert Created a Successful Business from his Passion to Help Others Live Healthier Lives

In a world filled with people trying to solve their own problems, it is not easy to find someone who loves offering a helping hand. Most people who actually help do not do it with true sincerity. However, there is one individual who has helped thousands of people worldwide and still has the hunger for helping out more, Damen Griffith. The owner and founder of  DamenGfit has spent more than half of his life in the health and fitness industry and is eager to help you out in learning how to stay active and fit. Here is his story.

The 14+ Years of Experience

At the time Griffith was starting out his fitness journey he was just about 14 years of age. He was working for his father—taking care of cattle and other exotic animals at the ranch. It wasn’t until his father bought him some dumbbells that he started picking up what would soon become a passion and a successful business. The then-teenager picked up the love for working out quite fast and his friends were the first to notice everything he was doing. His body was changing making him different from his peers who would later ask for his help to shed some weight and look better around the pool for their crushes. Although he was already helping his friends with weight lifting it was never clear to him whether it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. The only thing is that he enjoyed helping other people get back into shape and live healthier.

The following years saw him join junior high carrying on the love for weight lifting with him. Although he was still helping out his dad at the ranch, Griffith always found the time to train some personal clients at the gym. He was already quite experienced in everything to do with nutrition so it all came naturally when it was time to help out. It was the passion to help others that made him realize that fitness was the path he was meant to take.

20,000+ People Transformed

After deciding to take up the fitness business full-on, it was time to save the world. All this time Griffith would watch as many made a lot of money from social media. It was only a matter of time before the fitness coach took on the same path. It only made sense to try and make an audience for himself in the different online platforms. We have seen most brick and mortar businesses taking their shops online in recent years, especially now. Most of them scale after moving their services or products online. The different platforms offer a free chance for everyone to establish and market a brand.

When the time came Griffith started working on his Instagram account posting working workout videos and fitness information. He knew he had to build an audience from the ground up. After a lot of work on the account, Griffith reached 30,000 followers and he was ready to help more and make more money. To this day, a huge percentage of his clients still come from his online platform. Along the way, he got to 100,000 followers and could easily get the attention of influencers and people who had made a name for themself online. He could now do effective marketing, targeting clients that fit his service. Over time Griffith has helped over 20,000 people transform around the world.

The high-end fitness coach guarantees his clients success with anything they want to achieve with his programs. His 1 on 1 coaching is an assurance that he is there for his clients in person. Griffith handles every process in his program. That means he is always hands-on and you would never need to go through other people to get to him. He welcomes all body types and all the different personalities to take up his program. There is something for everyone. No weight situation is impossible for him.


Being an international professional athlete in the Super League and Bang Energy, Griffith looks forward to training people to push their limits and achieve their dreams. His training not only includes weight lifting but also nutrition. Through his 1 on 1 program, Griffith helps his clients choose the best nutritional plan to get them the specific results they wish to achieve at the end of the program. There is literally no issue left on the table. Every decision he makes is made based on the science of nutrition and dietetics. He is a coach you can trust. And the results will speak for themselves. 

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