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Creating A Profitable Online Course Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Here Are 5 Tips

Throughout the past few years, the demand for online learning has steadily increased. Plus, with social media and digital platforms, online learning is reshaping how people learn and enhance their skill sets. Many people love the convenience of e-learning. People can now learn a new skill anywhere, anytime at the tip of their fingertips. It is so convenient that they can learn something new at a pace that they are most comfortable with. 

While COVID-19 has indeed brought many challenges, it also is helping accelerate the disruption brought by online learning in the education industry. It serves as an eye-opener that the new norm in learning is online. As a result, more people are switching to online learning than ever before. It can be attributed to the lockdown measures that kept most of the planet’s population in home confinement. Many people are glued to their smartphones and laptops and spending their quarantine time learning new things and skills online.

Turning Your Skill Into Passive Income

Experts predict that over $30 billion will be generated from selling online courses in the next ten years. Online learning will continue to grow every year as the world embraces the new normal in education. So, it offers a window of opportunity for everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.

In my opinion, the skill-sharing business is the most accessible business to set up that can generate great profit. It is a booming market that has massive potential in the upcoming years. Online learning is an investment that can generate continuous revenue in the long-term.

All of us have a skill that he can share with the world. Why not turn that skill into a passive income? Please make use of this opportunity and turn that skill into a profitable business by sharing it online. 

Tips On Creating A Profitable Online Course

Beginners might find themselves lost and not knowing how to begin their journey in the skill-sharing business. It is not that complicated at all. You only need to create one online course, which is a skill that you want to share online. Once you have made the product, the remainder of the process becomes easy. Here are some of the things that you should consider in creating an online course that will generate income:


  • Pick your course topic


You could begin by determining what you are good at doing. Identify what your skills and your line of expertise are. It does not have to be an academic-level topic. You could teach them how to cook your mother’s special recipe or a beginner’s guide to playing golf. It is highly advisable to teach a topic that you are passionate about or have expertise in because it will make your online course more engaging. People will become interested in your course if they sense your passion for that topic and learn a lot from you.

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  • Determine your learning outcomes


You need to establish the learning outcomes of your course. It will help set the new knowledge or skill that they can get from your course and the skills they will demonstrate at the end of the sessions. Learning outcomes is essential in attracting the right learners to your course. It will help you reach the right learners, which will result in more students clicking the enroll button.


  • Build the course content


Remember that the course content is the most significant part of your online course. It is the main focal point of your online course. So, you must carefully plan the course content. It would help if you created a course outline of your content. You can split your content into sections and further divide each section into lessons. Splitting your content into smaller chunks of content would make it easier for students to thoroughly grasp the lessons. Then, you can film, record, and edit each of the lessons.


  • Select an online platform


If your online course is ready, it is time to choose the online platform to sell your course. Online courses are usually sold through online course marketplaces or learning management systems. An online course marketplace is like a grocery store that offers different teachers’ courses and makes it available for learners in a single platform. Meanwhile, a learning management system is your platform that is usually linked to your website that offers courses that you created.


  • Promote your online course


You need to promote your online course so potential students will know about your product. You can tap into different marketing strategies that are suitable for your target learners; for example, you can carry out ads on Facebook or other social media channels. Plus, you can offer discounts or promos to further promote your product. When it comes down to it, the primary goal is to raise product awareness.

In A Nutshell

Establishing a skill-sharing business and selling online courses might turn out to be the best decision that you can make right now. Online learning is the future of education. People will continue to flock online to gain new knowledge and learn new skills in the foreseeable future.

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At HighStrike Startup, we guide students on how to build their own online course business. We help them to start their page and teach them strategies in finding the right customers. Learn more about the HighStrike Startup by visiting 

Benjamin Zogby is an entrepreneur and stock trader who built his business on teaching people about stock trading and online course creation. He is the founder of the HighStrike Trading. Subscribe on his YouTube channel at Ben Zogby or follow him on Instagram at @benzogby.

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I have created a community dedicated to teaching people how to trade stocks, and I help entrepreneurs make money by sharing their skills.

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