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Could Tesla take Over Middle East Market Using Influencers?

Tesla has frequently referenced that it would not like to do paid promoting, however it regularly wandered away from that model — perhaps never more than with another gigantic Livestream by an acclaimed Chinese web-based media influencer. For quite a long time, Tesla Chief Elon Musk has broadly said that he detests publicizing. He said that Tesla doesn’t pay VIPs to drive its vehicles or even markdown them and that the automaker doesn’t pay to promote.

On the other hand, Middle East is laying on gas that makes it a no-brainer for its residents to drive a gas car. Vehicles furthest from Tesla’s mission… How can they Influence this change to such nation?


While Shima Katouzian, a blogger with more than 60k followers on Instagram known because of her multi-language talent and mixing culture, On her recent post, Shima Katouzian (known as HeroSheemaz) shares some of her incredible memories with Tesla. Influencers like Shima , can promote Tesla in Middle East by creating videos and uploading them on her IG channel and stories.

Tesla’s marketing strategy with influencers is different, as most of the influencers are already fan of Tesla and happy to promote this company. Just like other influencer Shima Katouzian, is an influencer who’s working with Tesla for past two years and recently uploaded a picture on her IG. Just like Shima, other bloggers also promote Tesla in different countries but Influencers with majority of audience in Middle East, like  Shima Katouzian can particularly target this market because of her culture.


What’s more, this is only the start. With Tesla assembling its most reasonable vehicle yet, Tesla keeps on making items open and moderate to an ever-increasing number of individuals, eventually quickening the coming of clean vehicles and clean vitality creation. Electric vehicles, batteries, and sustainable power source age and capacity as of now exist freely, yet when consolidated, they become significantly more impressive – that is the future we need.

Rather, Musk says that Tesla utilizes what different automakers spend on publicizing to improve their items:

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Tesla doesn’t promote or pay for supports. Rather, they utilize that cash to make the item extraordinary. The President went similarly as guaranteeing that the traditional press doesn’t care for him or Tes

la since they don’t accept publicizing from them:

You could contend that Tesla has wandered from its no paid promoting strategy with some showcasing efforts before, and it has never been clearer than in this new model.


The Tesla Model 3 was highlighted on Taobao stream by one of China’s greatest influencers, Viya:

During the hour-long stream, she clarified a portion of the Model 3’s highlights and specs to her a large number of adherents who were ready to arrange a test drive from the stream.

As indicated by Bloomberg, very nearly 4 million individuals watched the show:

Just about 4 million watchers viewed the hour-long show on the Taobao shopping stage on Tuesday evening, seeing live streamer and influencer Viya exhibit Tesla highlights from the music player to cooling, in any event, moving into the freight space of a Model S car to show how roomy it is. This was while tesla had 0 market in china and the idea of a factory in China was close to none.

Viya has been known to sell out items rapidly on Taobao, which is a mainstream shopping site in China that influencers likewise use to advance items. Most broadly, Viya worked with Kim Kardashian to assist her with selling out her aroma in the nation in not more than seconds. Just like Viva, Shima has a good following from Middle East and Shima can use her job as a play card in promoting Tesla in Middle East by sharing the organizational culture of Tesla, and how they put all their efforts in creating extraordinary products.

She by and large energizes to 30% commission or a huge number of dollars to advance items, which are generally excellent.

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Tesla had a record quarter in China in the course of the most recent three months and conveyed more than 10,000 vehicles in spring alone in the nation. This number could be tripled in Middle east considering its potential market to Electric Vehicles.


Falling off the enormous news that Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] will dispatch in India this mid-year, Elon Musk formally dispatched Tesla in the Center East prior this week. As per the National*, “Feasible travel hit the UAE running on Monday, as US electric vehicle producer Tesla got started in Dubai with plans to dispatch a shop and administration focus in Abu Dhabi one year from now.” President Elon Musk had a hurricane day acquainting the Tesla brand with the Middle East beginning at the World Government Culmination and getting done with a dispatch occasion at the Armani Inn in Dubai. The dispatch this week incorporates, “a spring up shop in Dubai Shopping center, a Tesla Officer upholds administration and a help place”

The promotion method of tesla in the Middle East could be to make tesla products more common in the cities by hiring social media influencers, Instagrammers; tiktokers such as Shima Katouzian could promote Tesla by making videos about Tesla products. This will be a huge advantage for Tesla as its sales are very low in the Middle East region. Just like Viya’s impact in china Middle East influencers could also have that impact and it will be a huge win for Tesla.

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