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Changing The Game: Up-and-Coming Artist Arden B.

photo credit: Adam Felt

There is nothing more inspiring or exciting for us than reaching out to young artists on the music scene. Being able to see into their creative process and listen to what they have to say is important to us.


Because it allows us to see what kind of minds will be shaping this amazing music industry of ours in the years to come.

Definitely one of the most exciting talks we have had in this past year was a recent chat with multi-talented independent artist, Arden B. We say multi-talented because Arden B. gives no sign of settling on any one genre any time soon. He does R&B, and when he is not doing that, he is doing hip-hop, and when he is not doing that, he does rap. You see what we mean?

With such varied interests and talents, it is no surprise that Arden B. is shaping up to be one of the most important names in the music industry these coming years. With an exciting EP, an electric music video and who knows how many other projects in the works, Arden B. is one of those impressive artists who is always creating.

Right now, he seems to be focusing on the rapping, though his many other talents are bound to pop up in his EP, which will release a little later in 2020.

If you look at everything Arden B. is preparing and doing in the creative sector, it seems hard to believe he is so young. Having just graduated college, with a BA in business administration, Arden B. decided to focus on his art rather than anything else. Because if you do not follow your dreams while you are young, when will you?

His is a really interesting story, actually. In 2017, he tells us, he won a $700 lottery ticket. And while not an immense sum, it was enough for Arden B. to go out and buy himself some recording equipment. Even back then, he could feel it in his bones that music called out to him, and that it would be a shame to neglect his obvious creative inclinations.

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Through college, while still recording with friends and fellow creatives, he focused his attentions on getting his degree, but once that happened, he realized it was music he wanted to do. Lucky, he had the equipment, huh?

And while the music industry is not by any means a picnic, Arden B. has managed to retain an extremely positive outlook on things. While he does mention overcoming hardships in his journey, he is also incredibly excited about creating music, about learning about the industry and growing as an artist.

He is the kind of person whose sheer enthusiasm is enough to get you all giddy also. Which is perhaps why we are so excited about his upcoming EP, “Fully Invested”.

We’d say the name is an obvious reference to Arden B.’s dedication to his music and creative journey. According to the artist, the album (his second) is shaping up to be a hugely interesting one, too, combining rap tunes with a slower, more melodic R&B.

It is a highly personal EP, Arden B. says, one that will make listeners relate to him. And having spoken to him, we have to say, what an inspiring person to relate to!


Barion McQueen
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Barion McQueen is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist with years of hands-on experience in helping aspiring startups pave their way to professional career success. He also serves as a real estate investor and business consultant who excels in the art of building positive brand identity with effective social media campaigns & digital marketing strategies. Barion is an avid seeker of knowledge and a zealous author/speaker who pens down his professional insights to direct aspiring young entrepreneurs.​

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