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Bryan Quaranto Explains How Better Communications Will Help Your Business and Brand Grow

Branding is an essential part of establishing a business. Branding represents not only your products and services, but identity and true business values. It represents your businesses personality and characteristics, who you are and what your audience thinks of you.

This all communicated through brand messaging;  your brand name, slogan, logo, and social media presence.

It is important for a brand to create a lasting impression on consumers, but this can sometimes be difficult and you can get lost in translation. Establishing a clear authority in your niche will help articulate your brands messages, mission, cause and values.

Social media is the most powerful marketing weapon in 2020 that gives you the ability to connect with your audience and drive organic traffic and sales to your brand and website. Sharing consistently unique and quality content will compel your audience to buy, and buy again. Quality content gets rewarded. Staying up to date and fresh with the cultural zeitgeist will give your brand the ability to stay relevant in these trying times. Be bold. Make a statement. Let the world know what your brand represents.

“Your brand messaging should be consistent and clear universally, not just on your social networks. Everything must work together, in unison: your website, your packaging, your brand logo, and your advertising campaigns.”

Your brands messaging needs to be concise, powerful, and clear. How do you avoid brand misplacement, confusion and lack of clarity? Focus on the one thing your company does well. When you can’t clearly define and communicate your brands message, prepare to lose your customer base.

Successful brand communications have a clear, focused and single message. If your brands value is miscommunicated, your base will not comprehend what you have to offer, or why you even exist, even if you have what they are looking for. Define your strengths as a company, enterprise and culture. Clear messaging consists of what you do, what your value proposition is, what separates you from the competition, and what issues it solve for your consumer.

A brand comes to life with character. Interacting with your customers by using real human qualities will establish a real relationship based on emotions, conversation, feelings, and opinions. This will give your audience the feeling of authenticity and will help build better trust with the business. Always leave them wanting more. It will help your brand build a stronger identity.

“Create don’t emulate. A brand that is not honest and true to itself can never be honest to its customers. Being honest may not get you a lot of customers, but it will certainly get you the right customers.”

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Bryan Quaranto
Written By

CEO of ProprioX and Dreamwood Media. Bryan Quaranto has over 10 years of experience in media branding.

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