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She is a Freelance Writer and Reviewer at InSc (Institute of Scholars, Bangaluru) from Assam, India. she started her educational Journey from Kendriya Vidyalaya and completed her Graduation from St. Edmund’s College, Shillong, Meghalaya with Sociology Major. She has been also credited with MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree in Human Resource (HR) Major and Marketing Minor form EIILM (Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management), Sikkim. She even holds PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from Assam Central University, Silchar, Assam (2018) with specific focus upon the Well-Being activities of Indian Power Sector Enterprises for their Employees and as well as their Subjective Perception regarding these well-being measures.  Love for her writing was there from school days, as she often participated in many Easy Writing Competition where she also won 4th position, having at least 10 number of schools participated on the topic- “My Dream Country India”. she was, always active in creative writings in the English, Hindi and Sanskrit Languages for school magazines. During college days she was much appreciated by professors for her creative writings and participation towards departmental activities and magazine called Societies of Sociology Department.
Dr. Satabdi became full professional writer from the year 2013 onwards, when she joined the PhD course. Presently, her Research Papers have more than 26,522 Reads as per Research Gate (A Digital Platform for Scholars, Researchers and Academicians). Her research papers are much popular in many National and International Universities with 39 Citations, 31 Paper Recommendation and total of 119.7 Research Interest. In her credit She have 14 Journal based Published Papers and 2 Conference Papers, which was conducted by UNESCO at Hilton Hua Hin Hotel, Thailand, Bangkok on 2014 upon the topic called Ethical Teaching and another at Ramthakur College, Agartala, Tripura, India on 2020 upon the topic -Evocative Inferences on Lockdown due to Pandemic and its Impact Upon Well-Being. She has also been the part of Academic Module with Acumen academy as:

Adaptive Leadership
Kajol Gaon, District-Chirang, Assam 10th June to 13th July,2020
Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail
Social Challenge Against Race, Activism and Extremism
4 Days

Achivements In Academic Feild
Best Paper Award, 2016
EPRA International Journal
The Real Super Women, 2020
Forever Star India Award
Education Icon Award, 2020
Brand Opus India
Young Researcher Award, 2020
Institute of Scholars (InSc), Bangaluru
Global Women Inspiration Award, 2021
I Can Foundation, Jaipur

She have been Awarded the Global Women Inspiration Award, for the contribution towards educational field in the form of Development of Holistic Model that is, 2S+2P Model for Measuring Subjective Well-being, where 2S is Spiritual and Social Well-Being and 2P is Psychological and Physical Well-Being.
Development of Sage Model and Saboteur Model of Well-Being, which measures how our Well-Being is much influenced by Lockdown and On-going Pandemic that is COVID-19.
Development of Modern Educational Model based on Maslow’s Need Theory.
Development of Measurement Scale based on the 2P+2S Model, to Measure Employees Perception Upon the Practiced Well-being Measures within the Organization’s.
Being the Researcher of Colloquium on East and South-East Asian Research, Organized by Centre of East Asian Business Studies on 3rd May, 2017. Where it is Discussed, that how North-East India can act as a Gate Way for Foreign Tourist and Foreign Income, as North-Eastern India shares a huge border with Foreign Countries.
Being Motivation for those women like her, who can also create their own identity without going outside to join the rat race for building career. Today her writings are much appreciated and are in demand. Most of her research papers are based on contemporary issues and its impact on society and lifestyle, for example writings based on Boycott China and its Real-world Implications, Negative and Positive Effects of Lockdown, House wife’s Work and its Importance to Country’s Economy etc. Therefore, reading such informative papers not only creates interest among readers but also provide in-depth knowledge and intensifies the thirst for General Knowledge. One of the quality points of write-ups are that each paper are based on scientific techniques called primary and /or secondary survey methods.
At this juncture if anyone asked her the Inspiration behind her success story or the motivation pillars behind her writing life, she replied that academic field if the area where utter patience and zeal is needed to stick to it. Thus, she replied this strength came to her none other than her parents, her Mother, Mrs. M. Roy Choudhury and my Father, Mr. S. Roy Choudhury Another name here she wants to mention is her PhD Guide Dr. Arup Barman (Associate Professor, Department of MBA, Assam University), who actually taught her the professional form of writing and introduced her to the world of research. She also mentioned her starting days of writing as occupied with lack of ideas, and concentration. Thus she realised being a good writer one must be creative, imaginative and should have the capacity to bring down those imagination with the strong connection with the real world. A writer must be very passionate about the topic in his or her mind and should be always ready with pen and paper to jot down the point whenever possible. Hence, here she shared a small piece of thought that “if anyone is working on something and him or her has the believe it to be fruitful for self and society, then he or she should not give up.”

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