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4 Top Secrets Revealed On Why Brendon Peel Is The #1 Magician South Of Sahara

Up and comer in the magic scene, Brendon Peel caught the attention of the whole world with his act at Britain’s Got Talent. In this performance, the talented artist had his co-performer chained to a chair, with a crossbow pointing at him. Brendon attempted to solve a complex puzzle that involved Rubik cubes. He had to solve the cubes and use them to add weight to scale that, if it tipped in the wrong direction, would set the crossbow towards his assistant’s head. 

The BGT stunt had both the judges and the audience off the edge of their seats, as with viewers watching at home. The co-performer who is also an escapologist looked nervous as he attempted to free himself from the chains. The aura was intense, and at the end of the performance, the audience was mind-blown. The LAD Bible called the performance as one of the most dangerous performances ever seen on BGT. Although this wasn’t the first time Brendon performed for an international audience as he was already popularly known in South Africa for his unique style and magic mystery. 

About Brendon

Brendon grew up in a small town in South African known as Port Elizabeth (PE). Initially, the town did not have much of entertainment culture. But it was at PE that the talented magician started practicing his craft from a young age. Brendon moved from strength to strength by performing in a variety of venues. In 2011, he became known as the youngest magician to ever have his own solo show at the largest festival in South Africa. 

Today, Brendon is recognized as the top-selling South African theatre magician. He won the 2017 South Africa Theatre Magazine’s performer of the Year Award. He won this award shortly after being nominated for the ‘Fresh Creative’ in Cape Town. In 2020, he was also nominated for the international magazine MEA’s African Excellence Award. He was nominated for this MEA award because of his international expansions. Brendon is the first South African magician to appear on BGT. 

4 Secrets On Why Brendon is the #1 Magician in South Sahara 

Brendon is a mentalist, magician, and entertainer. He has a passion for delivering the most entertaining experience whenever he performs. Brendon is the number one magician in South Sahara because his performances always engage, entertain, and enthrall his audience. To sum it up, the secret behind Brendon’s thrilling performances are outlined here:

  1. Original: Brendon pushes the limit when it comes to reality by creating moments of true magic. When you watch his performances, you will constantly question whether what you are seeing is real or not. Brendon’s performances are original and out of this world. 
  2. Unpredictability: What makes magic entertaining? One of the factors that makes it entertaining is the unpredictability. Brendon’s audience is always clueless as to what will come next. This unpredictability is proof of his mastery as an illusionist, magician, and absolute math genius. Every performance he gives leaves viewers on the edge of their seats because they cannot guess or predict the outcome – they have to just keep tuned in and see what happens. And Brendon never disappoints.
  3. Sheer thrill: If you ask anyone who has experienced Brendon’s performances, they will tell you just one thing; prepare to be shocked. Brendon has a reputation of shocking even the harshest of critics. His ability to entertain is what keeps his fans flocking to any venue that he appears. Regardless of your past experiences viewing magicians or tricks, Brendon will make you doubt your attention span and your perception of reality. 
  4. World-Class Entertainment: In every performance, Brendon blends mentalism, magic, and humor. This mix has made him garner the respect of his peers and his audience. Witnesses to his magic are always mind-blown, bewildered, and left with a belly full of laughs. Beyond all this, the extremely versatile and corporate entertainer prides himself on delivering award-winning stage magic and illusion performances that are genuinely epic and world-class entertainment.

Brendon has been featured in numerous local and international media stations. Specifically, he has been featured on BBC, Fox News, ITV, The Travel Channel, The Express UK, New York Post, and many others. Presently, he is a star on the hit show ‘Magic Caught on Camera’ that airs on the Travel Channel. 

Beyond his masterful craft, Brendon also holds a degree in Journalism and Drama. Plus, he is currently studying for a Masters in Business (MBA). Considering his power to bend reality, one can’t help but wonder what illusions he has pulled off while studying for his MBA. 

Have you checked out Brendon’s Magic yet? Check him out on YouTube or the hit series, Magic Caught on Camera. You can also book Brendon for corporate events from his website


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