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Bonni3 And Nicodemus Legatus Have An Aaliyah And Timbaland Vibe To Them When It Comes To Music

Bonni3 And Nicodemus Legatus have an Aaliyah and Timbaland aura to them. 


Nicodemus Legatus and Bonni3 have been creating projects together for quite some time now. As a matter of fact it has been about 5 years since they have had a business/friend relationship with one another. Their first project was called “Real Ones” this song was a hit locally, but has just now been seeing more publicity. This track shows the melodic, gritty and raw sides of both creators and is honestly really catchy. Bonni3 has a very unique sound to her music. Her music can’t quite be caged within a specific genre. Her style is almost like a melting pot of all genres. Her music is very refreshing and appeals to all audiences of all ages. She uses raw lyricism while keeping the melodic flow of her voice intriguing and not sounding like too much subject matter even when rapping about philosophies and ideologies. Nicodemus has a style that meshes extremely well with Bonni3. He is very versatile when it comes to his production and artistry. The pair show star quality together and should honestly be mainstream household names already. 


Nicodemus is a songwriter, artist and producer from Chicago and Bonni3 is an artist/songwriter from Virginia. They found each other by chance or some say fate. Nicodemus captures Bonni3’s sounds as if they have known each other their whole lives. “Real Ones” always being the start to their wonderful dynamic helped to bring this duo together and stick together. Nicodemus has been known to create her beats and hop on a lot of her tracks. You can hear him on “Real Ones”, “Scars” and “Alive” which are all on musical platforms now. They mesh extremely well for never meeting face to face. Musical vibes are definitely real. 


This year the duo has been pushing “Real Ones” on the radio while working on a completely new style for an alternative rock vibe on Bonni3’s new single “Paralyzed”. Not to mention Bonni3 and Nicodemus teamed up for a radio competition in Spain for a song she was featured on titled “Madrid” and they won the competition! This pair definitely motivates anyone who knows anything about them. In the meantime check out the “Real Ones” video now on YouTube. The video captures the beautiful textures of Philadelphia, PA and was shot near Broad street with Banga Jaxon who collaborated on her video “Okay” the year earlier. You can continue to expect nothing, but professionalism, quality and pure hits from these 2 creatives. 


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Gabriel Comfort
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Hello, I am a digital marketer. I own my own business called Christian Nicole Promotions. Outside of my business I am also a music artist and go by my stage name Bonni3.

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