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BJS Digital Assets Application Enabling New Ecology, Opening a New Era of Digital Assets

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2020 / The global investment in encrypted digital assets will grow by 95% in 2019 compared with that in 18 years. The market value of the included encrypted assets will soar from more than 100 billion US dollars at the beginning of 2019 to more than 350 billion US dollars, and the total number of digital currencies has reached tens of thousands. The digital currency industry is showing explosive growth. Token, as one of the most important cornerstone nodes in the blockchain ecological chain, connects the roles of project party, platform, user and investor, but it is also the weakest link in the whole ecological chain.

At present, all the profitable application sectors of digital currency in the market are not open to the outside world. All profit distribution is distributed by the operating entities. Among all the digital currency applications, only platform certificates of major exchanges can enjoy the rights and interests feedback of users. Therefore, ecological sharing economy is the only way out in the future.

BJS digital asset exchange is a classic masterpiece of closed R & D and careful polishing by BJS technical team of Singapore fun too Foundation Ltd. After 100000 data tests and stress tests, BJS trading platform is also the world’s first integrated, decentralized, collective maintenance and integrated development ecosystem of diversified application plates. As an innovative digital asset sharing application platform, it has eight independent application plates, providing convenient, fast and accurate transaction services for currency circle users according to each pain point in the currency circle field. BJS ecosystem adopts advanced memory matching algorithm, distributed real-time information transmission framework and distributed system deployment to provide users with high performance, high security, convenience and friendly use environment.

BJS exchange can let coin holders enjoy all kinds of high-quality IEO airdrop, and diversify the application scenarios of BJS. Coinhouse innovatively integrates services such as aggregated grid Trading and end-to-end intelligent reward trading to fully meet the diversified needs of users in the exchange. Truly all-round consideration for users, truly retain effective users. The smart Cloud Trading of Minjia has the characteristics of simple operation, real transaction records, daily profit broadcast, and convenient and practical app. The built-in intelligent spot recommendation service directly meets the core needs of coin people. The staff who recommend high-quality currency can obtain the profit distribution of the platform. The smart leverage contract documentary service matched by the currency family can effectively help the experts absorb powder and integrate resources through the technology of aggregation transaction. While improving their influence, they can also get the trading strategy guidance and greatly improve the profit ratio.

The core development of BJS token mainly includes four stages: the first stage is application service stage; the second stage is community economic construction stage; the third stage is ecological closed loop stage; the fourth stage is resource integration stage, which is to build a strong commercial application empire.

In the future, BJS will anchor the application of the entire ecosystem, and provide more convenient, fast and accurate trading services for the currency people to link a safe, open and stable digital asset sharing economy platform. At BJS, everyone is an exchange and continues to realize your business and financial dreams. BJS, make the transaction easier!

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