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Learning The Basics Of Trading Stocks With Multi-Millionaire Ben Zogby

Stock trading is among the avenues utilized by some of the world’s wealthiest people to build up their fortune. Indisputably, investing in the stock market has helped many individuals attain financial freedom. Trading is quite remarkable because it allows an individual to grow his wealth by working anywhere in the world if he has an internet connection.

Entrepreneur Ben Zogby can attest to how stock trading can help anyone to reach financial freedom. Zogby developed a passion for stock trading while he was still studying in college. He got his first lessons on stock trading through YouTube videos. By the age of 24, Zogby had become a self-made millionaire and built a business with stock trading playing a significant role in his success.

Zogby admitted that getting to where he is right now is not a comfortable journey. It took Zogby several years of trial and error until he perfected the right formula that propelled him to success. “I had lost some money when I started doing stock trading. So, success did not come to me in the early days. Now, I consider those days as my learning period as I tried to find my way in stock trading,” Zogby narrated.

Select A Stock Investing Option

The first thing that beginners in stock trading must do is decide if they want to do stock trading. If they have already decided, the next step is choosing how to invest in the stock market. Generally, there are two ways to do stock trading.

“You have the option of doing it yourself, which means that you will be doing all the work, such as researching and selecting the stocks that you will buy. On the other hand, you can tap someone to handle that process for you,” Zogby said.

Afterward, aspiring traders must open a brokerage account. “Most brokers will allow you to open an account even with a little amount of money,” Zogby said.

Start With Small Investment

Zogby said that one of the things that he learned over the years is to start small in stock trading. Zogby noted that stock trading is not about scaling up immediately. “Success will not happen overnight. It is building up small gains on top of another,” he added.

“As a beginner in trading, you must learn how to protect your money while you are improving your stock portfolio. You should realize that protecting your funds is one way of ensuring that you can continue to trade in the future,” Zogby said. He suggested that budding traders can start with just $100 investment. “I started stock trading at only $100. I began increasing the amount of my investment after I consistently turned my $100 investment into $130,” he added.

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Zogby emphasized that there is nothing wrong with starting small. “What is essential is to start trading and figure out the right strategy for you. Learn as you trade,” he said.

Sharing A Secret Formula

Zogby said that new traders could apply the 30% rule. “I personally have used this formula to grow my account. You can also implement the 30% rule in your strategy to grow your $100 up to $100,000,” he shared.

The 30% rule is used to gauge if a trader is ready for the next level. It is consistently growing an account by 30% over a certain period. “You are going to move gradually from one level to another. Each level is ten times the multiplier of the previous level until you get to $100,000,” Zogby explained.

Zogby noted that a trader would start investing $100 in his trading account. Since the investment is below $25,000, the trader can only do day trades for three days every week. “You will start at $100 and aim to generate a 1% return on investment per week. Your goal is growing his $100 into $130 a week,” he added.

Zogby remarked that developing consistency is the key factor. “If you consistently turn $100 into $130, it is the indicator that you are ready for the next level,” Zogby explained. Then, the trader can invest $1,000 and aims to turn that amount into $1,300. The trader’s goal is to generate a 1% return every day or about getting a $10 daily return. Once the trader can consistently grow $1,000 into $1,300, he will move up to the next level until he reaches $100,000.

“The 30% rule allows you to determine if your trading strategy is working. If you can consistently grow your investment by 1% daily, then you are doing something right,” Zogby explained.

An Invitation To Learn Stock Trading

“If you want to learn how to trade stocks and generate profits, HighStrike Trading can provide the tools that are essential to start your career in stock trading,” Zogby said. He established HighStrike Trading to teach individuals on making money out of stock trading. The program is designed to guide new traders to turn their trading business into seven-figure profit. It is the accumulation of all the strategies that Zogby has learned since he started stock trading. Thus, the game plan that it offers is proven and tested since Zogby has used it.

Zogby encouraged everyone to discover how stock trading can become an avenue that will lead them to financial stability and enjoy a better life. “Stock trading has turned me from having $100 into a multi-millionaire. It was instrumental to my success, so it could potentially change your life too. I hope that you will grab this opportunity,” he said.

To learn more about stock trading, you can visit You can also follow Ben Zogby on Instagram at @highstriketrading and @benzogby.

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