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Basketball has changed Jarrett Fairs life, and he’s only warming up.

Basketball player Jarrett Fair grew up in New York City were it was a challenge for him to grow up in a city like this and chase his dreams at the same time! Those obstacles he faced at a young age were not easy, facing low self esteem as a child for being overweight which discouraged him in his beginnings. But all of this didn’t make him weak, it made him stronger! And in due time he would be ready to prove the odds of making it not only in basketball, but in life.

These obstacles helped him so much indeed, he never lost focus and kept working hard on himself daily to reach all his goals. That main goal was to play professional basketball. Getting away from the negativity by pushing himself, lead to 100 pounds lost in his weight. Talk about goals! Reaching closer to his dreams of being a respected baller in his community but also the world.

The fruit of his success came when he played college basketball at City college in New York. Surprising many, his hunger of improving grew even stronger. It was after 2 years at City college when he decided to make the leap and pursing his dream of playing professional basketball. Currently a player for the Nyc Black Eagles, professional club from New York.

Jarrett Fair is a current professional basketball player who has proved the odds. Playing in parts of the United States in the ABA, APBL and USPBL, from also playing away from the US in Canada at NBA’s Andrew Wiggins home court. In the New York City street ball scene he’s well recognized as J Fay, playing in leagues like Dyckman, Rucker, West 4th etc. He hopes to return to the street ball scene, where he can showcase his talent and enjoy the game that he loves.

His goal is to continue to inspire others, by traveling parts of the world and being the role model he’s called to be. That message of never giving up and believing in yourself, can makes dreams come into reality. Not letting anyone tell you that you can’t, and always pushing to the top. His story filled with motivation, for many to follow. Continuation and never giving up, are key to making it to the top always. Jarrett Fair, continue to believe in yourself and never lose sight of the prize that awakes you.

Steven Warner
Written By

Steven Warner is a sports agent. Publicist for entertainment, music, and sports figures.

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