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Bashir Shikdar – One of the Youngest Digital Influencer in Bangladesh.

Keeping pace with the advancement of technology, many young people are now choosing digital marketing as a career. Such a young Bashir Shikdar. Who dreamed of doing something in the world of online technology from a young age.

The 21-year-old is studying and working in digital marketing, becoming an entrepreneur. The scope of his work has also increased due to the closure of educational institutions during the Corona period. With the money earned from here, he has taken the helm of the world.
It is known that Bashir Shikder was an eighth grader. At that time he used to earn a small income. First learn how to earn money online with a smartphone in addition to studying. Watch those videos on YouTube and learn how to do Google AdSense. He also learned web development, design and digital marketing. And he became an entrepreneur and opened an organization called Cholo Bangladesh.

The company creates content for Facebook and does digital marketing through content projection and distribution on behalf of various agencies. And now he earns a good amount of money every month.

Not only has he become self-sufficient online, he has taught freelancing to half a hundred people in the last few years. He dreams of growing his own organization and creating employment for unemployed youth. Apart from this, he is involved in various social activities from social responsibility.

Bashir said digital marketing is now very popular all over the world. Bangladesh is not backward either. The popularity of digital marketing is growing as a result of unexpected developments in the country’s ICT sector. Reputable organizations are reaching out to consumers by using digital marketing to brand their products. That is why digital marketing has created a lot of jobs.

But we should change our thinking, it is not right to know less when we are younger. It is not a new thing for these young people to discover something new when they are young, young people who have witnessed history have played a big role in this world market. So I urge everyone to stand by the youth. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

He added that besides education, only skills can eliminate unemployment. If you can’t become proficient in any one sector, you are not an asset of Bangladesh, but a burden. We have to prepare ourselves for employment. If we do not create ourselves. Then someone else will come and take his place in the emptiness – that is normal.

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Bashir Shikdar
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Bashir Shikdar is an Bangladeshi Musician artist who has made a big name in the digital marketing world.

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