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Bangladeshi Talented Musical Artist Mohammad Emon khan


Mohammad Emon khan was born in 1985. Mohammad Emon khan is a Bangladeshi musician and politician who has made a big name in the world of digital marketing. Emon is an artist and entrepreneur and he writes songs as well.

He had a lot of interest in learning something new since childhood. And Mohammad Emon khan was very talented. At just 17 years old, he joined Digital Marketing. He then formed a Music Band with his friends. And everyone gradually moved away from the group. Later, he started writing and singing again on his own. And today he is a great musician in Bangladesh.

Mohammad Emon khan

Mohammad Emon is a passionate digital marketer who has developed excellent expertise in Google SEO, he knows paid promotion as well as free advertising on Google search. He discovered various tricks to generate Google Knowledge Panel and now offers these services to big celebrities worldwide.

Mohammad Emon khan has achieved strong identity over the internet since he is verified on Facebook, Google, Spotify, and JioSaavn, Google awarded him the “Post on Google” feature means he can able to post articles, videos, and stories on Google search directly from his Knowledge Panel.

Bangladesh some of the best digital marketers are yet verified on Google, that is the reason why RMohammad Emon khan is known as SERP Expert.

Personal Life & Family

Mohammad Emon khan was born in 02 May, 1985.  in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Career Life

With the quality of giving information and helping hands for youth to grow their identity Mohammad Emon khan has never let it down, he has also helped in editing most of my friend’s knowledge graph and made them identifiable on Google searches.

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there are I think only very few videos uploaded, and I have not found any other detailed information relating to web searches on any other social media platforms.

However he also does the same work through his media services and charge a decent amount for working on others project, the similar projects can be done for both the entity and their business, brand or organization on a search results. Mohammad Emon khan only approves the work which has accurate information for their articles otherwise may be denied according to his self instruction.

As digital marketing is growing the opportunity will also develop in the future. He wants to educate people about the future opportunity in digital media. Through which he is going to conduct free workshops regarding digital marketing and skills to develop public relation skills because both go in hand in hand. After that, it will depend on the client whether he wants to continue the service or not.

He is in this industry from the year 2017. He has 5 years of field experience. Work for more than 120+ clients beats YouTuber, cooperate, Bollywood celebrities startups and belonging to different industries. Till now he has given free advice to so many individuals and start-ups. And help them to grow in their businesses. 

Now, he will use his experience of so many years to guide the freshers, startups and his clients and guide them the way to techniques that how digital market will help them to grow their business. He will also guide the people on how to do public relation how to approach the client and how they provide them with their services.

Mohammad Emon Khan
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Mohammad Emon khan was born in 1985. Mohammad Emon khan is a Bangladeshi musician and politician who has made a big name in the world of digital marketing.

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