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Author behind Facebook Marketing: Ultimate Guide to Become Successful in 2021 – Tanuj Lalchandani

Tanuj’s journey on the path of spirituality began in Tonk, Rajasthan, where he serves the God Almighty at the Shri Tatkaleshwar Gauri Mahadev Mandir & Triveni Navgraha Shani Dham.

We are always searching for the perfect life, which is full of happiness! But how many of us are able to achieve it actually? Not all, at least. Well, you would be rest assured about the happiness in your life if you followed Tanuj Lalchandani, a noted astrologer and spiritual life coach.

However, those are not the only two credentials of this dynamic personality. Tanuj is an author, a palmist, tarot card reader and Vaastu consultant. All this at a young age of 22. So far, he has already written three books , ‘Treasure Trove of Zodiacs’ ,  ‘Tatva, Soul & Karma’ & ‘Facebook Marketing: Ultimate Guide to Become Successful in 2021’

His content clientele, though, is his most genuine and cherished reward. In fact, he is keen to gather feedback and reviews from his clients, which motivate him to work harder. Soon, Tanuj wishes to launch an ambulance service to connect small villages to the city hospitals in his area.

We wish him complete success in his noble ventures.

A lot of our troubles are self-invited due to our empty and restless minds. When we are not doing something constructive, our mind often wanders towards darker and unwanted areas. We start seeing trouble where there is none.The other detriment to peaceful life is our tongue, which a lot of us use without giving a second thought. It often leads us to trouble. As we are often told, we must think before speaking. Speak when necessary and when you have something worthwhile, something which adds value to a conversation. Use your words wisely. Do not speak just to hurt and contradict others. Listening more and speaking less is always a good quality.The tongue can be controlled only when one has control over one’s feelings. Feelings give birth to anger, temper, joy and every other emotion. In a lot of situations, it will always benefit when one keeps the emotions in check.In order to move up on the ladder of success, first stop seeing the negative in others. Every individual and situation has something positive to offer. Absorb the good from them. Even the bad teaches you important life lessons.Meditation helps in making the mind calmer and peaceful. It helps in guiding your emotions in a constructive manner. You know when to exercise self-control. It ensures a balance.Meditation is not just a physical process. The essence of meditation is meditating the mind. Some techniques for meditating the mind are:

  • If you want to destroy something, destroy your evil desires and bad intentions.
  • If you want to win, win over your anger and negative thoughts.
  • If you want to give something, give knowledge. Give and don’t boast about it.
  • If you want to take something from others, take their blessings, especially from your teachers and parents.
  • If you want to help someone, help the needy.
  • If you want to leave something, leave your ego.
  • If you want to speak, speak the truth.



Tanuj’s journey on the path of spirituality began in Tonk, Rajasthan, where he serves the God Almighty at the Shri Tatkaleshwar Gauri Mahadev Mandir & Triveni Navgraha Shani Dham.Tanuj says, ‘happy homes come with the appropriate use of Vaastu.”

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