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Athens Ramseyer’s $30 Billion Influencer Ring Is The Reason Why He is Partnering With Big Names While Disrupting The Entertainment Industry & Beyond

Influencer marketing has advanced to one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world. So far, the influencer marketing niche has advanced to a $5-10 billion dollar industry. With influencers, companies can drive sales, endorse their brand, and quickly build their brand trust. But Athens and his internationally renowned company, Sciential, takes influencer marketing to a whole new level with his juggernaut A-Lister Line up. 

For me to give you a breakdown on what affiliate marketing management really is, it’s important to give a little more context to it and the industry.

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Athens Ramseyer is the founder of Sciential agency. This is a digital marketing agency that’s based on the illogically logical psychology of why we buy. The agency scaled up exponentially and disrupted the entertainment niche due to its powerful influencer ring. In less than a decade, the company partnered with some of the biggest names that include but are not limited to Dr. Garth Fisher (The Kardashian’s Family Aesthetics Doctor,) Trade-In Tech (Inc. 500 fastest growing companies,) John Thomas (Political Strategist for CNN & Fox News,) Cameron Fous (130k+ YouTube Subscribers,) NFL Running Back Ryan Mathews,, Gene Hammett (Inc. Contributor,) and Blacc Chyna’s supplement company Organic Skin Lightener.

The company’s high-quality branding that’s based on neuroscience has enabled them to attract a high level of celebrities. One his recent ‘whale’ was Real Estate Wealth Expo with an All-Star speaking list including Sylvester Stalone, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuck, Alex Rodriguez, Vice President Al Gore, Jerry Jones, Robert Herjavec, Magic Johnson, Pitbull, Daymond John, and so many more. 

Crowning Him ‘The Celebrity Ad Man’ For Good Reason




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An Alchemist’s Tale (Or Why Magic Really Still Exists)

“In the late Middle Ages, science took a wrong turn and came to the wrongheaded conclusion that alchemy didn’t work. People had struggled for years to turn base metals into gold; when they found they couldn’t do this in the way they expected, they gave up.

Later on, Newton really didn’t help the cause by filling our heads with thermodynamics and the conservation of energy – where science hopelessly misled us was that it imbued in all of us the idea that you can’t create something out of nothing. It taught us that you can’t create a valuable metal out of a cheap one, or that you can’t create energy in one place or form without destroying it somewhere else. While all this is perfectly true in the narrow sphere of physics, it is hopelessly wrong when it comes to the very different business of psychology. 

In psychology these laws do not apply: one plus one can equal three. 

Later on economists got their own version of the same depressing idea that nothing can be created or destroyed. ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch,’ they said. The sad consequence is that no one believes in dark magic any more. Yet dark magic does still exist – it is fields of psychology, biology and the science of perception, rather than in physics and chemistry. And it can be created. 

The advertising agency J. Walter Thompson used to set a test for aspiring copywriters. One of the questions was simple; ‘Here are two identical 25-cent coins. Sell me the one on the right.’ One successful candidate understood the idea of alchemy. ‘I’ll take the right-hand coin and dip it in Marylyn Monroe’s bag. Then I’ll sell you a genuine 25-cent coin as owned by Marilyn Manore.’ 

In maths it is a rule that 2 + 2 + 4. In psychology, 2 +2 can equal more or less than 4. It’s up to you

We don’t value things; we value their meaning. What they are is determined by the laws of physics, but what they mean is determined by the laws of psychology.” – Athens Ramseyer Founder of Sciential, America’s largest Neuromarketing Agency 

In Search of the ‘Real Why?’ Uncovering Our Unconscious Motivations

Prior to venturing into entrepreneurship, Ramseyer had an acting career. He starred in the movie El Landlord where daytime Emmy Winner Andre Bauth allegedly stabbed another actor. Andre Bauth, whose real name is Andre Salaman Bautista, reportedly stabbed 23-year-old actor Clayton Haymes, his tenant, and management client, who he had been allegedly pressuring for sexual favors. When asked about Andre Bauth’s actions, Ramseyer stated that “Andre is a sick man. He tried to make advances at me as well. It’s important to know this is happening all over and to not only provide victims with the support they need but to separate yourself from greed and don’t allow yourself to work with these people for a quick buck.” 

Ramseyer has built up his reputation as a thought leader in the marketing niche. His influencer ring and expertise in behavioral psychology have helped him develop marketing strategies that lead to high ROI. Aside from business, Ramseyer is also changing American politics on a national level. He has partnered with NFL Hall of Famer Coach and co-founder of The National Child ID Program, Mike Singletary. Singletary recently got a shoutout from President Donald Trump on Twitter. Whereas it is not known what exactly the two talked about, the President tweeted by calling the Hall of Fame Linebacker” A strong man and a really great person. After that, the Trump administration $35 million in grants to help human trafficking survivors. 

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Partnering to Make A Difference

Ramseyer has also partnered with Mike Gula. Gula is yet another power player, as he was a top fundraiser for Johnson and other GOP senators. During Gula’s run, he raised an eye-opening $318, 000,000 for GOP House and Senate members. However, the veteran republic fundraiser abruptly changed course to better serve our country. 

Ramseyer, Singletary, and Gula set up an organization known as Blueflame Medical. The organization’s purpose is to supply PPE in a bid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Political strategist John Smith is also involved in Blueflame’s initiatives as he co-partnered with Ramseyer to set up the organization. 

Giving A Damn To Know When To Walk Away

One of the reasons that Ramseyer has been able to disrupt the market is because he believes that great brands are built on strength and loyalty. He stopped working with Ellen Degeneres of Unhide because, as he put it, he “gives a god damn enough to walk away.” Ramseyer publicly announced never working with her again out of the claims made against her for being on the Epstein flight list. The public display of his actions clearly demonstrates Ramseyer’s moral compass that guides all of his business dealings. 

“I worked with unhide because it stated a positive message towards animal rights but I now realize people of power have these types of companies as buffers to make them seem more credible,” explained Ramseyer. 

Athens’ active involvement in philanthropy, charity, and the country’s political scene as well as his expertise in business have made him a disruptor not only in the entertainment industry but beyond. 


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Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed.

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