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Asif Iqbal Khukan in human service

Aruail is an isolated union in Sarail upazila of Brahmanbaria surrounded by rivers. About 30,000 people live in this union located on the banks of the river Titas. Boats or banana rafts are their means of transportation during the monsoon floods. The rest of the time, Dhudhu Balu Char and Metho are their constant companions on foot. Asif Iqbal Khukan, a teacher of this union, is working in the service of humanity in such a variety of life. He has been engaged in humanitarian service for almost ten years. He has gained wide acquaintance and love through his work for the people of Aruail, a famous Bhati region. Asif Iqbal Khukan is working as a teacher in Aruail Government Primary School.

Disadvantaged people living in this downstream area This relentless man comes forward to solve any problem.He is helping the unconscious people of the village by running the Union Parishad to preparing the necessary paper along with the form fillup to register the birth. This unselfless person has been cooperating with new voters, transferring and correcting them by preparing the necessary papers including form film to make a new voter ID card. The Rajapur Kakaria village of Saral has provided sewing machines to many helpless fisher families through the Upazila Fisheries Office. Beyond all kinds of greed, he has been providing this service without any interest.

During this difficult time of coronation, this man has been giving various advice including distributing masks in the market and going from house to house wearing masks, maintaining social distance, adhering to health rules, ensuring sanitizer system. He is inspiring the people of the village in various ways to create health awareness. Vaccine registration is being provided free of cost to the extremely poor and helpless people of the village who are not interested in getting corona vaccine. Not only that, every day hundreds of thousands of people are wearing masks and inspiring health awareness. As a result of this innovative initiative taken by him, the people of the village are now becoming much more aware. This exceptional initiative in this difficult time of the nation undoubtedly deserves praise.

Asif Iqbal Khokon was born on 24 September 1982 in Aruai village of Sarail upazila of Brahmanbaria district. His father Saher Uddin was a heroic freedom fighter. In 1971, his father risked his life to fight for the country, and as a child he fought to keep the country and the nation safe from the terrible clutches of the epidemic.

Teacher Asif Iqbal Khukan said, people are for people, the world is for a short time. When people’s suffering is over, I get peace. I get the love of people, this is my peace. I want to work for the people till death.

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