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Arvind J. Reddy On Creating Legacy for Future Investors

Arvind J. Reddy
Arvind J. Reddy Founder of J. Reddy's Group, Venture Capital Company

A school dropout to an Entrepreneurial Investor and Founder Chairman & Managing Director of J Reddy’s Group, Arvind J. Reddy is a Man with High but Grounded Dreams…! At the age of 15, Arvind J. Reddy witnessed a turning point of his life when his father, Iattupalli Jaipal Reddy, then Formal Chairman and Managing Director of Lovable Lingerie and VIP Undergarments, inspired Arvind to do something constructive and productive towards life.

His Father became his mentor and made him realise that a lot of people depend on us and if we do not desire for higher dreams we won’t be able to make a difference in individual lives which depend on us. Considering his father as a role model, Arvind J. Reddy understood that his father was a person of respect & generosity. Arvind J. Reddy recognised the responsibility which had automatically come on his shoulder; to live up to his father’s value system as a businessman.

Arvind J. Reddy being in his teenage, was full of fire and wings, to achieve the unachievable achievable. He started a small business with his father but soon landed up in a big loss. His father, being a noble and a virtuous human being, rather than scolding or making negative comments, he made Arvind J. Reddy apprehend that it was to be considered as a life lesson. It was then, in that tender age, Arvind could sense that whatever we do in life, we must take hands-on training as well as educate ourselves for all future odds.

Arvind J. Reddy initiated working with his father in their own company as well as started up-skilling himself under his father’s guidance. After a few years, urged to outrage the image of being successful due to his father, Arvind became more aspired towards his life to be known as a self-made man. 

After his father’s demise, Arvind J. Reddy was left with two major responsibilities; being the man of the house and to create a bright future for his younger brother, Jaswanth J. Reddy. Arvind J. Reddy’s life has always been a roller coaster ride as he has seen extreme ups and extreme downs in his entrepreneurial career nurturing him to be strong and determined. As Arvind puts, positive experiences humbled him whereas negative experiences made him become more determined towards his goals. Arvind has always challenged himself to aim higher during tough times. These life experiences equipped Arvind J. Reddy with a value system which deals with learnt principles out of personal experiences. Arvind J. Reddy believes that wisdom which you have must be implemented in your business for future growth. 

All said and done, Arvind J. Reddy is all set to shine brighter by aiming to be a full-time Investor. Arvind J. Reddy is about to hand over their family business to his elder brother who is equally capable of handling it. He has already initiated investments in a couple of start-ups, on-going businesses, law firms, BPOs, textile industries and diamond business etc. With all due respect to existing experiences of Arvind, his ideal philosophy of life says, “Hard work, smart work and persistence are a need of time but you should have the right people around. A circle that you create around you will reflect on you. Be a leader or a friend which you wish to have around. You take care of them in every aspect of their lives and they will also try to take care of you. I have learnt that when you take care of employees by making their lives easier or by making sure that they are sound in their personal lives, it enhances productivity in a business. You take care of your employees; they will start taking care of you and the company!”

In 2021, Arvind J. Reddy and his younger brother Jaswanth J. Reddy, [Reddy Brothers – As Arvind marks it] are going to create their own company which will be called J. Reddy’s Group, Venture Capital Company. 

You can connect with Arvind J. Reddy on Facebook and Instagram

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