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“Arnab Mondal- A spicy journey of a Food Blogger!”

“Arnab Mondal- A spicy journey of a Food Blogger!”

“Arnab Mondal- A spicy journey of a Food Blogger!”

His love for food can be seen reflecting on his Instagram page as well where he generally posts about his food journey and the things he cooks.
The journey is not easy it cost hardwork dedication and consistnecy , Making content for Instagram with increasing competition is not easy anymore , Managing Instagram page is not easy, The amount of hardwork required to get the perfect food click by adjusting lighting and angle is not easy. Selection of 1 pic from hundreds of pictures is tough.We need to click more than 10-15 shots to get a clear image, To maintain the perfect BMI even after consuming enough junk food just to help other people to make good choice is another task. Adding to the day, the workout section , the travel part, the food photography, eating a lot of times, giving your tastebuds some different experience every day, the editing of food photography, even after doing a lot for the foodie community, when someone says “you get free food” its a blizzard of disguise.
In an interview he talked about his passion for travelling as well. He started following his passion for food blogging about an year ago. Since then he never looked back. It was the first thing in a while that he sticked himself onto for this long. He also mentioned how hard it was to maintain a healthy lifestyle while munching outside food on every second day.
We’ve asked him about his favorite food and hobbies, in which he replied  that his favorite food is biryani and he loves to play guitar and cook as well. His future plan is to start his own business. We’ve asked for some of his favorite restaurants that he visited, in reply he named a few of his favorite places those are Riyasat, Peshawri, Oh! Calcutta, Aminia etc.
"Arnab Mondal- A spicy journey of a Food Blogger!"
We’ve also asked about “how safe it is to eat outside?” In which he replied saying that it’s best for everyone to take all the precautions and go out only if it’s necessary. There’s no point taking any unnecessary risk.
Arnab  Monda l, An engineer by profession who chose his passion for food and turned himself into a food blogger. He has always been a dedicated food lover be it eating or cooking.
Do follow his page for more update and intersting dishes.

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