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An Entrepreneur Brewing In Doctor’s Soul- Nalli Ramya


  1. Tell me about yourself and your academics ?

If I tell you about my profession, I am Dr. Nalli Ramya.
I am
otorhinolarygologist and Head and Neck surgeon from prestigious JIPMER College and recently I have written my debut book named The Broken Pendent. I have been a speaker to several national and international conferences and talk show forums. My spectrum of work is not limited to my passion and profession only, as I do believe in being an entrepreneur by owning myself and launched company RAMICOS Cosmetics. I know it is the right thing to do in my gut and it was a right initiative for women and girls everywhere.

  1. When was the first spark ignited in you and how ?

Honestly, I have been into multifolds of different ideologies, so to start with the what first ignited me is the idea to write book, I never thought that I would be an entrepreneur. In 9th standard I have planned to write a book and started it but couldn’t complete it because of academic issues and I had to complete my degree, so after the degree I completed my writing because that was the period where I could concentrate on myself because my academics were over. And later being a doctor– I never thought that I would be a doctor because I was completely scared of mathematics so I opted Bio ,PC because I was from the family of doctors. My father, mother and sister all were doctors. To be very Frank they have motivated me and I carried legacy of doctor’s child doctor so it’s been like that.but I still have a good sense of science and science is always along ease for me. If I talk about motivational speaking so it came when I realised about becoming an entrepreneur and after interacting with people because authorship is also a sort of entrepreneurship. So being a lady I have seen several women who are not financially stable and have to be under the regulations of husband and father so I don’t like it . I think women should be financially independent. I am carrying this means of independence in my motivational speeches specially for the women. And I do speak alot on mental health because I realised and life has taught me alot lessons and I consider mental health is way more important than physical health so I carry this topic in several webinars. And RAMICOS is a company associated for organic cosmetics and I was a person with teenage acne for many years so after being a doctor I have came across with several patients with similar kind of issues and it’s the time I started using cosmetics and felt much confidence about me since there is no meditation that I haven’t tried and they have no result and  chemicals are bad for skin because content has harsh effects on skin.So I want to bring companies to India with organic cosmetics and organic products that will help you to cure skin issues and depigmentation or to heal physically and mentally along with boosting your self esteem level because I don’t want anyone to feel low , I want everyone to be happy and satisfied. So this is the idea behind this company.

  1. What problems did you face during your struggle from your parents and family  including society how you managed all stereotypes  ?

My parents supported me alot. They helped me at every level of my life , specially while writing a book and they help me and they listened to my manuscript patiently they helped me in writing my book in all sense. And if we come to motivational speeches so it’s completely my own Idea and you can call me feminist. But with the definition I want to be called, because feminism and feminist is not just a pretend to be a flag bearer of women society but we want or I want women to have equal rights and equal status in society. like being a doctor I am going to cosmetic field many people have asked me that why? but I don’t care because it’s my passion specially and I am doing it for good cause for mental health and good cause for skin issues good cause to self love. I am using a cosmetic means it doesn’t mean that I am covering myself in an artificial media I am saying that I want to enhance myself ,enjoy myself and I am taking care of myself in a better way .  I am loving myself is a self love growing from myself so that I believe that I am doing selfcare by using cosmetics. I would say struggles would be everywhere yes,it would be because no two persons are same. I am happy if I receive criticism.It will make me  think in different manner and also in their point of view so that we will be working on that also but we know that we are doing for a good cause so that any criticism that we face we will surely accept it as a challenging point for the betterment of the company.

  1. Tell me about your work and about your passion,profession including achievements that you have till now
    I have received few achievements I have been awarded few things those are :-

In year 2020 won the titles in two categories in lit fest 2020 as “The Best columnist of year 2020” and “The Best literacy critic of yea 2020. And featured in various famous 20 news media like deccan chronicle,  Hindustan times, despatch etc.

At Present working on my second novel and very much excited to bring it to light

Winner of Hope international awards as ” Popular Women of Universe award ” 2021.
Winner of “India Prime awards ” 2021
Winner of ” PARIRAKSHAK AWARD 2021
Winner of ” Best Achiever award ” 2021 by magic book of records
Awarded “influential Indian 2021” by crazy Tales

I joined third best college that is one of the achievement, I have first experienced in my life because I was an average student from my start of my school in my life. because I was not into academic so much but being an average student going into such a college and with so much of  highly educated intellectual people and that Is like achievement for many specially being a doctors in a doctor’s family I feel I am proud and I have seen my parents being proud of me. And apart from that I am a painter artist and abstract artists too. I have my paintings and they are displayed in  various places in India and secondly I know that RAMICOS is my passion and that my passion will never let me down because I do believe that we are doing it for good cause.

  1. Your good and bad experience about your journey..?

To be very frank I don’t consider bad experiences as a bad experience or something like bad. ln business field there are many people we have to convince and we will come across many people who are of different types but as per I learnt it is not only intra personal development but also interpersonal development also be needed. Because it is not always harmony between us like our self inside up soul but also with interaction with other people also.  That is important so when I come across people with the different ideologies about my fields in different fields that I am  in. I think they are giving me a chance of thinking in their direction too which I am not aware of. So they are in fact helping me.  I don’t think criticism is  something very bad you can either take it in a positive way or negative way. I take criticism in a positive way if a person is getting criticized it means there is something about that person. something about  them is different or unique so he/she will be criticized in a good manner or a bad manner. on that we should be taking care is the fault. if it is really a genuine fault we will not repeat that and in good way also they can criticize, in a sweet way also they can criticize you just identify that what is that criticism really means something to the company. and something for your personal growth professionally and personally. I think criticisms are must in business because without criticisms you are not going to grow

  1. What message would you like to give for all budding entrepreneurs and all who dream to achieve so much like you ?

For budding entrepreneur I can say that you have to first research about yourself. And you have to research about your mind, that what is  your passion is all about. When your passion becomes your job then you will never lose that Spark, that Zeal that is present in you. But you should not be self driven with money and different external factors that several others have told you. It should not be dependent on several external factors. That inner factor should be your passion and you will never feel exhausted or weak when your passion becomes your job. And when your job is your passion you will be enjoying it throughout your life. And you will be self driven with your passion your enthusiasm so it will result in all positive way and all good means.

7.  What is the best profession for you ?

I don’t think that there is any specific best profession. Being a doctor I can say that a doctorship is very good because we are serving to the nation we are helping and treating the patients it’s always good because we are working for health. And entrepreneurship is also very good as both have their own specific advantage and disadvantage. So both are different and both are very very good and for entrepreneurship I can say that yes I am employing different persons it’s also a good cause. These employments means alot to several people and these employments are bringing up many family stand. because there are several people those are unemployed and suffering with so much of struggles so they need a good employment in life.
So in entrepreneurship being an entrepreneur, you are serving to people in their mental health and being a doctor you are also serving to people in the mental and physical health. So both are good and both have their own values.

  1. You are featured in several outstanding media what is your experience about that ..?

I am so happy that I have been featured in several media. Seriously I have never expected it but if you have positive attitude towards life the universe will conspire for your succes, for your achievements and for all your positive upcomings. So is the RAMICOS, there is our team in a group of digital marketer, designers and manufacturers all doing as a single unit. And we all have one Moto we have discussed to bring good things to the people and my motto is also the same. So we as a unit are working towards that and when something good is going in this world, the world will also recognise you in that way. I am so happy and so privileged that I have been recognised by several media. Seriously I am privileged because not many people have this opportunity but God have given me this so I am privileged. I want every woman to have their passion alive in their life. And i really want that women should follow their passion throughout.


Thank You!

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