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Amaan Shaikh shares the tips to become a Successful Instagram Influencer

Amaan Shaikh is an Indian Social Media Influencer and a Photographer. His Photography is noticed by big corporations and national level committee. Amaan is already a famous Content Creator on instagram, followed by more than 17,000 people on Instagram. Amaan is currently in the list of “Top 10 Indian Social Media Influencer of Uzi World Digital“. Amaan Shaikh has been awarded as the best male social media influencer 2019 in traveling catogery by Equally Bright Travels.


Recently Amaan had an interview with Mr. Ujwal Sharma, who is the founder of Uzi World Digital. The main point of the interview was to take some important tips to become a Instagram Influncer.


Who is an Instagram Influncer?

Amaan ShaikhAn Instagram influencer is an Instagram user who has massive popularity and credibility in an especial niche on the Instagram community. Instagram influencers are powerful enough to encourage people to get their attention by using their trustworthiness and authenticity.

There are influencers on all other social media platforms rather than just Instagram, and you can always find your desired social media influencer in any of the platforms you are most active or run a business marketing campaign on.


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What’s the easiest way to become an Instagram influencer?

Amaan ShaikhWith a great concept in mind and confidence in the personality yet the strength to deal with criticism, one can be a great influencer.

However, one needs to be constantly updated so as to become a great Instagram Influencer. Here are a few tips that could be easily adopted by influencers:


Find your niche – First of all, you should know what is your niche. You should identify your interests and passions. It is what makes you comfortable doing, and not because you want to follow someone else’s path.


Know your target audience – After you find and decide your niche, it is best to know who are your target audience. It depends on what age group, location/country, citizenship, gender, etc., you prefer.


Create shareable content – Having great content will make you stand out and boost your engagement, which is one of the essentials in becoming a social media influencer.

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Check regularly your analytics – Instagram engagement covers everything that allows you connect with your target users, interact with them by maximizing the social media platform’s features, and widen your follower count or audience. You can increase your engagement rate by replying the comments of your posts. You must engage with your readers or followers.


Patience – A lot of patience is needed since it can’t become in just 24 hours. There will always be ups and down in your journey of becoming a social media influencer.


Consistency – Being consistent is one of the keys in growing your social media influence. You should keep on sharing engaging and valuable content.

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Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert. Former CEO of Almond.

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