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Alexey Lokontsev, founder of Topgun: “Recently I have been very disappointed in the franchise development of the network” Vladimir Smerkis, author and presenter of the Silicon Dali program on Megapolis 89.5 FM radio, spoke with Alexey Lokontsev, founder and director of the largest barbershop network Topgun. The topic of discussion was digital features in a large network of barbershops. Vladimir: Alexey, good afternoon!

Alexey: Hello!

Vladimir: Let’s talk about digital. What do barbershops and digital have in common? How important is digital technology in your business? What are they like?

Alexey: The most important technology that is now implemented in my business is the iKey service. To be honest, there is little technology there. This is just a video service that people follow. They check each client who comes in for 15 checks. The service helps to conduct business so well that I consider it the pinnacle of digitalization in barbershops.

Vladimir: Is this your development or is it a product that you have implemented?

Alexey: When I had three barbershops, I began to notice that the revenue for some reason stopped growing. When I implemented iKey, barbershop revenue increased. In one it increased by 100 thousand, in the other by 400. The administrators quit right away. I realized that this business cannot be left without control.

Vladimir: This is especially important in the franchise, because after all, you do not manage these points yourself.

Alexey: That is why I have implemented this service for my points. I didn’t have time to keep track of my own, and I have more than 20 of them now. Of course, this helps my entire franchise, but the cool thing is that not all franchisees use the service. They believe that they themselves will look more efficiently and it will cost less. They do not value their time at all, although this service is not very expensive: every 500 thousand of your turnover costs 10 thousand rubles, that is, 500 thousand – 10, million-20.

Vladimir: So pricing depends on the turnover?

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Alexey: Yes, the more people come, the harder it is to watch the product.

Vladimir: If it’s not a secret, what is this checklist? What settings?

Alexey: The most important parameter is whether the haircut on the person coincided with what was indicated in the reporting program. The reporting program is also the second part of the digital, in which you can not write down the haircut and share the part with the admin, steal right from you at the point. This is a very common practice in beauty salons.

Vladimir: We are talking about Topgun being a worldwide network. Does the topic of theft work only in Russia or is it a global problem?

Alexey: We are the largest network in terms of the number of points, but in the world we have opened so far only in Tenerife. We successfully worked there for a month. In all the neighboring barbershops the price for a haircut was 12 euros, I wanted to make 20, and the fry-chise wanted 15. I was afraid of the high price and that people would not go. Now they call me and say, “Lesh, let’s enter the ranks, do 25 and 30, because everyone who came said that we are so cool, but somehow cheap.” People have doubts due to the fact that such a thing cannot be cheap.

Vladimir: Alexey, website. How important is it now for a business that operates in b2c to have a website?

Aleksey: I always say to all my franchisees, “Guys, I will bring you enough clients, because I am quite a media person and I take everything seriously. Your task is to deal with barbers so that they are professionals. There is no need to go to the site, to Instagram, to pay money. ” For some reason they don’t listen to me. Everyone thinks that I’m somehow cheating, and I need to test my theory. They spend a lot of money on SMMs, on the site. So here is my opinion that in the future there will be no sites at all in services where there are services. Why? Because there are quite a few aggregators now, for example, 2GIS, Yandex.Maps, on which there are more honest estimates than on your website. There is more convenient navigation, that is, now I type a barbershop, go to the maps and show me not Topgun, but all the barbershops along the way with ratings. These estimates do not belong to me. If, conventionally, Borodach is standing next to him with 5, and Topgun with 4.5, I will go to Borodach. The brand is no longer so visible on the map. There are visible circles, we insert our logo into our circles. Once again, people don’t look at this logo, they look at the rating. Therefore, now it is important not to monitor your site, which will soon die, but to monitor the assessment on aggregators.

Vladimir: What should people do from a business point of view in order to maintain a barbershop of the required quality? Which channels in the digital world are bringing Topgun customers today? Apart from Yandex.Maps, what else does 2GIS work?

Alexei: Our site still works, a bright leader is working. I’m hyping everything now. We came up with and agreed to tweak the CRM specifically for our TopGun network to such an extent that it now sends information to the client for how many days he has not been with us. We have his phone, and Amo is catching up on this phone, building a sales funnel. We have set it up so that up to 90 days the client will be caught up with a different advertisement every day. This is a very cool tool. Networks that do not use it

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