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Alex Yanovsky about his experience on business does not make money. Throw everything or fight on?

Right teacher

If you start a business on your own, intuitively, without knowledge – very often, you can’t achieve high results. The big problem is that a person can quit a business because of constant setbacks. Although, in fact, he is absolutely talented. It just needs to be taught a little and explained how everything works. This can take several months, a year, or more. But everything will start to work out for him. He can even build a great company!

And this is a problem for many, not only novice entrepreneurs. Because no one taught them how to do business correctly. There are knowledgeable people, but there are practically no such schools.

Take, for example, MBA, these modern business schools – they do not work at all. Because in MBA, at these programs, they teach levels 9 and 10 of the business. That is, 9 is a large company, 10 is a great company. They only talk about these companies. But it is so far from your situation! If you are at the first or second level, you have a small or medium business. And you don’t have an understanding of how to jump over this abyss that separates your company from them.

You need to learn how to take the following steps.

To show you what exactly to do now, to go from the first level to the second. Indeed, in the conservatory, when teaching musicians, they not only include recordings of the great and the great. They also tell you all day how to take the next step, which one to take the next note. And in sport it is also there. But not in business! To build a successful business from scratch, you need to be brilliant or at least very talented. There are people too, but they are few.

I achieved my results thanks to the fact that I studied all the time.

I studied with those who told me what the next step was to be taken. That’s why I created the Open Corporate University. To help those who want to know how to go from the 1st level to the 2nd, from the 2nd to the 3rd and further.

If there is no knowledge and skills in business, recessions and crises will occur.

But this is not necessary to be afraid!
Any crisis is an attempt to be born something new. Nature itself compels. She shows through crises – you are doing something wrong, the time has come for change. Man is continuously slowing it down. On the one hand, he wants a better life. On the other hand – all the time presses the brakes, delays its development. He is afraid of these changes.

When something new is to be born, a crisis sets in. And we must rejoice at this. It is essential to understand what exactly should be taken. After all, these are real changes, after which it will be better. A new life is born, a unique situation, a new relationship, a new business. It is only necessary to let go of what was before. He who let us go has no crisis. It happens only when you delay, try to leave as it was. And this is impossible. And if there is such a crisis in business when everything fails, take a closer look. Perhaps a brilliant opportunity opens nearby, but you don’t see it, clinging to the usual actions.

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☝🏼Не нужно переставать бояться. Страх – это прекрасное чувство, данное нам Богом. Абсолютно все боятся. Я тоже боюсь. Причем очень сильно. Но я боюсь и при этом делаю. Потому что других вариантов нет 🙅🏻‍♂️ ⠀ 🤔 Бояться и не делать? Будет еще хуже. Я точно понимаю, что если буду бояться и не делать – то буду деградировать. И буду несчастен 💯 ⠀ 😎 Один мой знакомый однажды сказал мне такую фразу: "Мы будем успешными. В крайнем случае – нет". Абсолютно точное и меткое высказывание 🎯 ⠀ 😏 Жизнь ведь такая штука. Нужно пробовать, идти вперед, рисковать. Согласен?

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