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After very struggle and patience Rajeev Rana got success in bollywood


Meet the guy none other than Mr. Rajeev Rana, he was born in 1980 in Doda, who hails from a

backward village of Doda district. He did his schooling from his native village trown from a

government school. Since it was a militancy era during nineties, his father who was a bank

employees decided to shift him along with his two elder brothers to a very reputed private school

Green model in Doda city. He did his secondary schooling from this school. During his school he was

very fond of acting, he usually took part in Ram leela during Navratri festival where he was offered

very small role like rakshah or vanar sena member. He was not satisfied with the roles he was

offered. Later his father was transferred to Jammu so Rajeev along with his two elder brothers also

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shifted to Jammu for higher education. He told us he was in class 12th when was first met with Kumar

a Bharti a renowned theatrest in Jammu from where he took his basic acting classes and has played

Many roles in almost more than 50 theatre plays across the country. He also learned acting from Mr. Barry John during a workshop which was organised by J&K Academy of ART culture and languages.

He was very keen and quick leaner. He very early started doing lead roles in theatre plays, as a result

he got a chance to work in a Dogri serial ASS where he met with Rahat Kazmi at present a renowned

bollywood director who was also an actor during that time, and both did that serial together. Later

Rahat Kazmi went to Mumbai and Rajeev remained in Jammu. He perused his higher education

along with continued theatre plays..Later in the year 2012 he came to know that Rahat kazmi is in

Jammu for a film shoot. He went to meet him on the location of shooting; there he met him after a

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Very long time. Rahat Kazmi offered him a role in that film titled RABBI starring Raghubir Yadavw

Bidita Beg, Brijendra kala,Dolly Alluwalia, Furkan Merchant, which he accepted. It was just a one

dialogue role but he impress Rahat Kazmi very much as a result he offered him two short film as one

of the lead, titled “YES WE CAN” and “BULLET”. He seems more focused and dedicated to the best he

can. Finally his hard work brought result. Another renowned face of J&K Mr. Shoiab Nikash Shah a

bollywood actor writer and Director called him for a lead role for his 2nd hindi feature film



“OXYGEN”starring Shoib Nikash Shah, Hussain Khan, Rajeev Rana, Azmat Khawaza,Namita Lal, in

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2018 and this was his break and entry into bollywood. He did his best in that film which impressed

Shoiab very much. Later Rajeev did one more film with Shoiab “Football” which is trending on

Shemaro, Oxygen is almost set for release. He also did two Web series with director Shoib Nikash

Shan titled SCAMMY and BHAAG are also ready for release. The turning point in Rajeev’s acting

carrier came when he got a call from Rahat Kazmi for a very important role in his film “AM I NEXT”
starring Annushka Sen, Swaropa Gosh, Rajeev Rana, Mir Sarwar , Pooja Dargan, Monika Agarwal ,
Pankaj Khajouria, Neel Dogra Tariq Khan, Satish Bhat, Reetu Kanta and Pankaj Kanta. Rahat
Kazmi discussed the script and the role which is negative in nature but very powerful character, he
accepted and did that film. This film won 6 International awards best film in Sweden international
film festival, Best Social Cause film in IIFF Boston USA, Best actress Annushka Sen, Silver Award in

Hollywood gold awards, Outstanding achievement award narrative feature world film carnival
Singapore and new York movie awards. He also did one Web series for Rahat Kazmi titled “Synide
Mohan” Starring Sharib Hashmi, Mir sarwar, he also mentioned that he did a special appearance in
a film 2 Band Radio for Director Saki Shah Starring Praduman Singh the fame actor of Bollywood film
TERE BIN LADEN and one more Web series he did for Saki shah as one of the lead role as Police

Officer title “Delhi se hain Banjoo” Starring Ravi Shah Darvesh, Rajeev Rana,Upasna haldar, Rohit
Bhatia etc which is in post production. He told us that, It was not an easy journey for him, it took
twenty years of his life, hard work and continuous struggle in entering into bollywood finding
independent film makers like Rahat Kazmi, Shoib Niash, Shah and Saki Shah. He is very optimistic and
hopefull for more big offers in near future. His upcoming films and web series are

  1. AM I NEXT(Anushka in a lead)
  2. Oxygen
  4. Web Series “SCAMMY”
  5. Web Series “SYNIDE MOHAN”
  6. Web Series “BHAAG”
  7. Web Series “DELHI SE HAIN BENJOO”
    He also told us that he in into film writing too. He has written two films till so for which are on at
    the final stage of draft. Later he thanks us for covering his journey


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Suraj Kori
Written By

Suraj Kori, known professionally as Thesurajkori, is an Indian YouTube Personality based in mumbai Maharashta India. Thesurajkori(Suraj Kori)

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