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Aditya Gharat – Mumbai’s top emerging model

We know that the world of modelling has always been one of the most challenging field for every youngsters and up-coming models, this is one of the most competitive industries. Some wins by their luck and hard work and whereas some fails. From dark complexions models like Naomi Campbell making a name for themselves to women with vitiligo disease ruling the ramp, the modelling industry has always been a step ahead in the world. And yes it has done it once again.


Aditya Gharat who is just twenty three years old, has become the first male model to who has been choosen for casting in some upcoming chart breaking music videos the myth that the modelling world is not for people like him. His brooding eyes, chisseled jaw line, great height and dashing looks are all the pre-requisites that one needs to be a model.


Aditya practice modeling in his fare time and reads modeling related online blogs and watches the international model interviews to gain more information from the previously successful models of the globe. Aditya has also like photography and playing golf in his vacations.


Normally Aditya also gives webinars and one-to-one Consultation for the upcoming models and guide them with proper modelling lessons.


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Aditya who is new Mumbai based model is also a hard core fitness enthusiast and he keeps uploading his interactive videos on his social media account. Aditya who wants to work in Bollywood for Many Big Names has already become quite famous with some well-know high profile people in India.

Uzi World Digital

Aditya recently gave an interview to Uzi World Digital and tried to provide some important tips related modeling, he said being a model I should share some awesome and wanted tips for any upcoming model or for the one who are interested in modeling.


One must get a killer modeling portfolio: Aditya says the first and probably the most important point for getting started with your modeling career is to have a well rounded modeling portfolio that showcases your strong points through high quality, stunning images. Your modeling portfolio is the first thing that agencies and clients will look at, and its critical to make a great first impression. One must have his/her portfolio maintained atlest Once after every 6 months.


Try to find the right modeling agency: Every fashion or beauty model needs a modeling agency. Before agreeing to any agreement and enrolling with any agency, do your research. Make a list. First and most importantly, is that agency legit? can their business be easily verified and do they have any bad reviews. Do a research before signing with an modeling agency.


Learn to embrace rejection: Mentally prepare yourself for rejection- a lot of it. You must be able to handle having doors shut in your face without a second thought.


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Make yourself constantly look better: Take care of your skin, hair, body, and health. Like it or not, modeling is an aesthetically driven industry and beauty/appearance is undeniably important.


Practice posing and walking: Study and understand posing. Practice runway walking. What separates a pretty model from another pretty model is going to to be their posing ability and their walk.


Be professional: Be a professional through and through. Answer phone calls Return voice mail and emails promptly. Don’t be late for your meeting, photo shoot or casting call.


Build social media following: If you’re aspiring fashion model, build your social media following. It may actually help get you to a agencies, believe it or not! These day modeling will take a model’s online following into consideration weighing whether to sign them or not.


Aditya Gharat says, the best way to achieve that is to have an awesome modeling portfolio website that showcases your portfolio images and can be accessed by agencies and client anytime, anywhere.

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Aditya is an aspiring model and soon will be doing many TV shows, Webseries and movies. We appreciate his hard work and hope he will achieve every thing he wanted.

Mandeep Singh
Written By

Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert. Former CEO of Almond.

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