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Influencer Adam Nessim Shares How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business and Brand

It’s not often you see someone try to tackle both medical school and entrepreneurship at the same time. For most people, it would seem an insurmountable task. However, for Adam Nessim it’s his current reality, and he is thriving in it.

Adam is an MD Candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is also the founder of The Premed Consultants Inc.

He founded his company based on the need he saw to develop an all-encompassing advising program that helps develop and guide students from early on in their careers. So with that in mind, he opened his company.

One way Adam is able to manage his business while staying on top of his studies is to utilize social media to market himself. Along his journey, he’s racked up close to 100k followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Adam shared some tips with us on how to use social media grow a brand and business while balancing the tremendous academic load of Medical School.

Use Social Media to Connect With Your Audience

Adam’s self-described “cringe-worthy dance moves” led him to quickly gain followers on TikTok. Now he has a captive audience of students on the platform that he is able to connect to. He frequently uses the platform’s live feature to share his stories and tips with other aspiring medical students. He’s taking his advice to where his audience lives and not waiting for them to come to him.

His proactive approach on TikTok has led to thousands of dollars in sales, all due to his organic posting strategies. His posts often lead to students direct messaging him where is he able to give them both free and paid advice. While posts are what attracts attention, he attributes the one on one conversations with his audience members to the sales conversions he’s had from TikTok.

It’s all about time management

As you can probably imagine, Adam is a very busy young man. He has to have a purpose with everything he does throughout his day, and that includes how he uses social media for business.

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According to Adam, the key to getting an ROI for your business is how you spend your time while on social media. There’s no time in Adam’s day to just simply go on social and start scrolling to see what he finds.

Adam talked about consistency being the key when it comes to social media and this is not always easy to do with his schedule. One thing that has helped him is to try to pre-plan an entire week or so of posts in a single day so that he does not have to think of something new each day. This method of batching really helps with his productivity. However, with that said, he realizes you want your social media to feel as organic as possible, and so always add additional posts or switch up the plan when necessary.

Adam suggests using video as a way to make announcements. When he gets overwhelmed by similar questions from students hitting his inbox, he will make a video that addresses their questions and post it to his social media. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in his day to respond to everyone. So instead of stressing himself out, Adam uses videos as teachable moments to answer the most common questions he gets from his audience.

One final tip

We will leave you with one final tip from Adam.

“My top social media tips are to be authentic and also be willing to be a little bit personal with your audience. You don’t always need to talk about content solely related to your niche. Sometimes I’ll just show my day to day activities on my Instagram stories, whether that’s me at the gym, or heading to a happy hour. This has let my followers feel more connected to me and has actually strengthened the connection to my brand. Additionally, it’s important to have fun with social media. If you are feeling burnt out because you feel like you constantly have to post, take a break! It’s all about balance, but consistency in the long run. I see businesses and personal brands burn out because they go so hard in the beginning and then just stop cold turkey. Consistency and content is king.”

If you have questions for Adam, feel free to connect with on his Instagram @adam_nessim.

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