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A 30-Year-Old Parisian Introduces Marketing Luxury Goods The French Way

A Parisian from France studied the world of luxury goods in France and introduced a new marketing method known as the French Way. His name is Tony Lux, and the founder of Tony Lux. He is known as the “Original Inventor of Marketing Goods the French Way”. This method changed how the market was perceived and built huge brands in France ranked top 10 worldwide. This French Way also made France rank top 10 countries with the largest market in Luxury products. The marketing expert does not claim to have invented these techniques, but instead to have collected, assembled, discovered, and structured into a full method all of the techniques used by luxury brands to dominate their field. His company offers marketing services and consultancy and applies the French method in all his sessions. 

This method’s success has led Tony Lux to expand his brand to countries like the US, which has the largest market share globally. He also advises on implementing those tips in other industries. With the rapid growth of interest in the luxury market, it was worth coming up with this innovation, ‘The French Way of Marketing Luxury Goods”. The market as of 2020, according to research by Statistica was $285.1 billion. They are estimating an increase of $13 billion in 5 years. However, adopting this marketing strategy would see much more of a boost. The market was at $308 billion in 2019 before the pandemic. According to Vogue Business, the industry has been gradually developing for over a decade.

Do you want to skyrocket your success? Try thriving with the French Way and witness its marvels in no time. Furthermore, it is okay to let go of things that no longer serve you.

What is the French Way of Marketing, Luxury Goods, and Benefits?

This French way commands a strong focus on building the value of products, and not pandering to every customers wishes. It explains the significance of building a brand other than the money. The brand speaks said repeal for itself in the future as it attracts substantial profit margins. The brand is the one to set the price and not based on demand in the market. When you invest in value, the public will love what you do. It also explains the benefits of using technology to boost sales, where you should include information products. In an interview with Diplomacy & Commerce, Tony Lux goes ahead and says that it’s better to succeed in both the digital and offline methods. 

Tony Lux’s Achievements

He has done marketing for upscale distributors of Deepak Chopra, and Anthony Robbins for Italy and France. At the age of 23, in 2013, Tony Lux made his first £1 million in the info product market selling for Lannoy Roger. He helped Maryse Lehoux a renowned French-speaking Yoga teacher, helping women, who now has over 172,000 Youtube subscribers in the French market alone, making her the most followed first French-speaking yoga teacher in the world. Both are still clients of his services. 

Brands that stand out having enforced the French Way.

The iconic Louis Vuitton brand is among those that have applied the French Way in building their business. In 2020, it earned an income of $15 billion, a 30% profit margin, according to findings by Forbes. There is also Coco Chanel, Montblanc, Dom Pérignon, Rolex, all influential brands. He has worked with over 100 industries and sub-sectors. Check out here

At such a young age, his behind the scene achievements are just unbelievable. Tony Lux being behind the change in the rank of luxury brands in France, makes his achievements applicable. Certainly practicing his preaching has made him successful in a short duration. No one would comprehend that a 30-year old would achieve much in a short lifespan. Most of his agemates are probably in the middle or beginning of pushing their luck. It has worked for him, and indeed the French market, and it is thus worth a try. To reach him, visit his accounts, and website.


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Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed.

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