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Revolutionizing the creative corner?: Vidhwansh ka Mukhauta- Nihshank Upadhyay

The poem Vidhwansh Ka Mukhauta – by Nihshank Upadhyay – is featured in the following
article. Nihshank continues to support alternative professional paths, such as those of writers,
artists, poets, and others, in addition to supporting volunteerism and publications, for the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This poem is being distributed for the same
reason. Gambit Enclave is developing in India as a solution-driven eco-system, and the poetry is
being shared on their behalf. With the publication of this piece, the floor for all creative entries
to Gambit Enclave will be deemed open. Given the audience, a translated version of Vidhwansh
Ka Mukhauta has been included here.
Translated: Vidhwansh Ka Mukhauta
Suna hai ek roz Phir andhera hoga
Kaanoon ki giraftari aur choron ka pehra hoga,
Aur aaenge aashiyane mein kayi naye imandar
Vidhwansh ka mukhauta hai
Zaroor Siyasi chehra hoga.
Bht khoon baha hai humara bhi iss ibadate khel mein
Nayi choten saari mit gayi, purana zakhm koi gehra hoga.
Bht guroor hai amavas ka yeh hukumat ke tehsildaro ko
Yeh bhul gaye hain ke gulaamon ka bhi savera hoga.
Zulm ke darbar mein lagegi imaan ki chingaari
Dishayen dhundli hongi, drishya sunehra hoga
Meri gumnanmi ke kisse chapenge iss kadar akhbaaron meinSannaton ke shor se zamana bhi behra hogaa

Bhagdadh machegi, kaal aur meri mulaqat par

Main vahin milunga jahan yeh vakt bhi thehra hoga

By – Nihshank Upadhyay

Apart from creative submissions relevant guidelines under call for publications were also shared


by the eco system. Following are the details regarding the submissions-

Theme: Contemporary social, political, and legal topics are preferred. Authors may also submit

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work in fields other than their own.

Eligibility: Submissions are open to any student or professional over the age of 18.

Submission Instructions: The founders will review all of the papers and make the ultimate

selection. Authors should not mention their names or any other identifying marks in their

submissions to [email protected]. [email protected] should receive a

separate file with all pertinent information, including complete name, designation, and contact

information. The piece must be the author(s)’ original work and should not have been

previously published.

Times New Roman/Cambria are acceptable fonts. Font size=12, spacing=1.5, margins=1” on all

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sides, and justification=justified. Throughout the piece, you must use only one manner of

reference. Wherever citations are required, they must be included. All data sources (statistical

facts, photos, figures, and so on) must be cited.

Some of the basic ideas for Gambit Enclave, include talent development, recognition of

deserving individuals, and extensive networking. Nihshank while discussing the vision of the

organization was electrified to bring India’s first sustainable and solution-driven eco system into existence.

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