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My name is Guillem Macia. I am the owner of Will To Capital(W2C), a company specialized in real estate investments through different channels, including property development. I offer high returns investing in the Spanish real estate market and beyond.


Investing in real estate has many benefits. This article discusses why you shouldn’t have a second thought about investing in the real estate business. These benefits do not only apply in the Spanish market but globally. Some of the benefits are;


You Have Full Control

There are many investment options. Some people invest in Hedge funds while others, in real estate others do so in Bitcoins and may more.

Nevertheless, in Hedge funds, you aren’t aware of who controls them, or in other words, once you invest, you are not sure of what they do with your money. In Bitcoins, you don’t know where your money is going and it is not regulated yet.

This does not happen and is not the scenario with real estate. In real estate, you can fully control your property, the tenants, and its upgrades, among other things. So the major difference with other kinds of investments is that you have always full control over them.


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You Can Protect Your Assets

You can always purchase insurance and use it to protect your assets against any eventuality. Your investment can be marred with things that are beyond your control. As a simple example, a hurricane, an earthquake, or a fire can bring down your asset. However, those are not things to worry about if you take care beforehand. That’s why I would always advise you to get insurance for your properties.

You Can Get Leverage

Did you know that you can get leverage with the real estate business? Yes, leverage means debt; but it is also a big advantage over other investing options. If you were to invest in stocks or gold, you wouldn’t enjoy this benefit. In real estate, you can buy bigger assets because of this fact. Even though the entire process has a cost, you can still cover it with the property’s own cash flow and continue growing.


It is tax-free to refinance your properties in the Spanish and in almost any market. Also, with time, if your property has more value than when you purchased it, you can even refinance the investment again.

Generate Cashflow

Almost everybody knows that real estate generates cashflow. But what does this mean exactly? This statement means that the investment produces money for you once you have invested in it as a passive income. It is worth noting that the only thing that produces cash flow is a business or real estate, but usually, people only have cashflow from their jobs so if those people stopped working, they would cut out all the cashflow they have. Real estate generates cash flow from the first day you invest in it. This reality gives real estate an added advantage over other investment options because even though some as stocks can also generate cash flow it is not common.


Appreciation & Depreciation

In real estate, both appreciation and depreciation are beneficial. How? You can create value on your property by adding CAPEX to it. In the case of inflation or an increase in the living standard, the rents will also increase and as a result, your income will grow too.

In the case of depreciation, most governments will tell their real estate owners that properties suffer depreciation each year and this type of depreciation is a non-operational expense that will lower your income tax.


Your #1 Choice If you want to invest in the real estate business, I can help you. I work with a very successful team and depending on your project, a team of about 30 people will work on it. We have a competent and experienced sales team to help navigate you through the real estate hurdles. As an investor, I have invested 50M EUR in the Spanish Real Estate market over the last three years. My team and I are building around 60 apartments in Barcelona’s AAA locations. 70% of my clients are from the U.S. therefore if you are thinking of the best partner for your real estate investments, you can connect with me here. You can also invest in my company. All you need to do is start, have passion, be persistent, and see your business grow to heights you never imagined. Success does not just happen; you create it.

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Guillem Macia
Written By

Guillem is the CEO of Will To Capital (W2C), a Real Estate investment management firm based in Spain. W2C operates through different vehicles in the Spanish Real Estate market.

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