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Interview: StunnaMan4

When/How did you start/get into making music?

StunnaMan4: I started music back in 2014 when I was locked up. It was never nothing serious to begin, we was just making time go by. So everybody wrote they songs, and after I went. My homie and my old bunky was telling me if I was to take it serious, I could make it some where with it. RIP my homie drizzy but he was behind me day 1 I even thought this what I really wanted to do.

2. What is the most complex subject you’ve ever written about?

StunnaMan4: That certain situations in life put me in a position to be alone at some point in times so i use music to cooperate with my pass life

3. What is the most outstanding achievement you’ve ever accomplished?

StunnaMan4: The biggest accomplishment for me would of been the moment I copy righted my name and brandishing my brand. I wasn’t serious with going about pushing my music the right way, I was a rapper.

4. Are you planning on releasing new music soon?

StunnaMan4: Yea fasho. Got a few singles, and visuals to look forward to while waiting on my next tape. My next tape not gone disappoint fasho! Hosted by SauceWaka all I can say!

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5. If you could sign with any label who would it be and why ?

StunnaMan4: I’ll sign to Kanye. I’m already knowing the first thing they think is “ his ass capping “. But keep it a 💯 I fuck with him cause he from the land and I really read up on a lot of shit he was talking about. And regardless of how people feel the man great legend of the Chicago wave.

6. What are your long term goals?

StunnaMan4: My long term goals is to go far and perfect my craft. Than I’m gone start to push my label and focus on artist development heavy, cause thing I noticed is alot of theses artist not at they full potential, it would of been nice to have that type shit when I was coming up, and plus I know talent.

7. What is the biggest mistake you have made within your career to this point?

StunnaMan4: The biggest mistake I made was locking in with the wrong promoters and graphic designers. I could of been some where or had better results musically, and artwork wise. Just basically not educating my self is where I slipped up at and could of prevented a lot of bad business from the jump.

8. What is one message that you would like to give to other fellow artists ?

StunnaMan4: Copy right your name, lyrics, and punch lines. You gone save yo self a lot of trouble with getting your art work stolen.

9. If You Could Work With Any Artist Who Would It Be & Why ?

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StunnaMan4: Jeezy & Kayne West I feel like they keep it real with the streets outside of music

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Will Marsh
Written By

Will Marsh brings refined melody, imagination and devotion to all facets of his music. On sitar and guitar Will can be heard making music with Grammy winning artists world-wide.

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