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Shae Songz & Quin NFN Drops “We Up”

Shae Songz Set Pace for All Upcoming Artists
Shae Songz is setting a high standard for all artists after having done much in a short period. He is proving that, indeed, hard work pays. He just released “We Up,” featuring Quin NFN, and it has gained massive traction on all platforms.

He aims to drop a new single entitled “Big Booty Judy” Soon. Which he knows will make his fans happy, as he has always been doing. Having to overcome certain obstacles in life, Shae Songz is in the rap game to stay; he is taking his music to the next level. Additionally, he has a new Vape Pin & website coming soon

Shae Songz believes in counting on other people as much as they rely on themselves. He has a “people first” mentality that has served him well. He believes that thinking about other people first is what makes us different in the industry

(Read Song Lyrics Below)
Now that we up

Had to adjust

Keep people around that we trust

Choppo’s attached to a drum

Baddies that do what I want

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I can’t get enough

I had to re up

183 straight to the plug

I just be thumbin through racks

A lil bit could get you wacked

If I take yo bitch to come the back

She might not Eva come back

Niggas keep talking that shit.. running they running they mouth about me

Running and running they lips knowing they wouldn’t be shit with out me

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*Bad Lil bitch with a body

Sucking me up in the Mozi

All of my diamonds from Johnny

I get the money

*I Keep the shootas beside me
(Ain’t trying to bother no body )

My nigga why you trippin

Bout my Business

Keep your distance

Remember them nights I was rapping it up

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Now there’s nothing that they can do now that we now that we up

And then Quin NFN part is

Lil Bro he the plug 🔌

I brought my strap in the club

20k off dubs

And I got the shit out the mud

My diamonds on flood vvs rocks on me wet as a tub

Nigga play and get snuck

We tryna step on that boy like a rug

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We blow his mind away

Bitch tryna be on my line but I ain’t got time today

My young nigga hop out that van with iron to spray

We want him andalay

I was dead broke in the trenches down bad on my dick and I had to go find a way
You can come pay me a visit come see how We living I been on my grind today…

Follow Shae Songz
Instagram: OmgIts_shae
YouTube: Shae Songz

Franklinn Wilford
Written By

Franklin A Wilfodd is an Publisher,Editor from Australia

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