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4 Little Known Tips By Chris D. Bentley On Winning The Real Estate Battles

Do you want to be a successful real estate agent? Or are you looking for answers on hope to become relevant in your real estate business? This article is for you. 

The real estate industry is fast changing. As an investor in the industry, you need to beat the odds are remain ahead of the competition. This reality means you need a strong foundation in the real estate sector. Chris D. Bentley shares a few tips to navigate you through the business storms to become a sparkling star in the industry. 

Chris D. Bentley At A Glance

Chris D. Bentley is the award-winning Dallas real estate Broker and owner of Bentley Fine Properties. He has over a decade and a half experience in selling real estate in multiple states. Besides, Chris is a six times multi-million producer six years in a row. Three times, Chris has been voted D Magazine, “Best Realtor in Dallas”, number 13 of Top 20 Dallas Realtors on Social Media 2018 and 2019. 

Chris has sold millions of dollars’ worth of homes during his 16+ year career. 50% of his business has consisted of repeat and referral clients, and the other 50% from social media exposure. This homes’ genius has built his reputation upon surpassing client expectations as one of the most aggressive real estate magnates. 

Here are Chris tips. 

Ramp Up Your Social Media Efforts 

To be successful in the real estate industry, you must be on social media. You need to have a Facebook account/page, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, among others. But the question is, why have all these accounts? The reality is that most people spend time on these applications. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion users. To you, that is a whole prospective market right before you. Through these social media platforms, you can do your advertisements; whether you want to show off a newly listed property in your local area or broadcast the services you offer as a brokerage agency. These social media platforms can make your marketing dreams come true. Social media platforms will also help you to discover new customers and clients to work with. You can also reach all types of audiences through social media and more so the younger generation. 

Be An Expert In Your Market

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It would help if you were a thought leader in your market. People are always looking for solutions and will always go to the best performers. Homebuyers will always approach you if you are an authority in your market. For example, Chris D. Bentley is a real estate expert in Dallas Fort Worth. For over a decade and a half, he has built his name with complete customer satisfaction. He has been able to sell homes worth millions of dollars, and he continues to shine in the market. Therefore, the best way to get ahead is to strive at all cost to be an authority in the market. 

Build Relationships

If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far go as a team. You cannot succeed alone; you need to build relationships. A successful real estate agent or investor will always be busy building meaningful relationships. Ensure you build good relationships with your customers as well as your teammates. However, it is worth noting that building relationships is not a walk in the park, but you must do it. Make it a habit to always listen to each customer’s concerns or needs and respond accordingly. D Magazine has recognized Chris as one of the magazine’s Best Realtors in Dallas. How did he achieve this title? He offers excellent customer service in every detail of the real estate transaction, and guess what? He has built relationships with both clients and his working mates. 

Write Down Your Goals

It is advisable that you put down your goals in writing. That way, you cannot easily forget, but you can work in achieving them. There is a big difference between realtors who set goals and those who aim their arrows aimlessly. Writing down goals will help you concentrate your efforts and increase your motivation. It will also improve your recall and make your dreams concrete. Also writing down goals as a realtor will help you tap the full potential of your brain. 

For more information on winning the real estate battles, you can connect to Chris D. Bentley here. 

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