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300K Customers Around the World and Counting: How Salim Elhila is Turning Passion into a Business Empire

Everyone yearns to be successful in life and business. Understandably, financial success could earn you freedom, security, and a good life. To create a successful venture, it takes more than just the desire to make money.

Young business leader and entrepreneur Salim Elhila is driven by passion. He is genuinely interested in human interactions and finds fulfillment in helping others achieve their full potential. To do this, Salim, together with his business partner Djibril Mara, founded Learning Master in December 2019, an exclusive online training service for online coaches, consultants and service businesses.

How did it all begin?

The successful entrepreneur is a trained engineer and is qualified in Mathematical and Statistical Modeling. This led him to a good job abroad and incredible life experiences. However, Salim felt something was missing. He wanted freedom, so he sought out solutions in e-commerce businesses. After teaching himself the skills needed to succeed in e-commerce by reading specialized books and connecting with individuals who had a similar mindset, Salim began selling trendy products online and founded multiple successful businesses. He values self-help and empowerment and emphasizes the need to be as efficient as possible.

Still, this was not enough; Salim felt that his business needed a human connection, but selling products online limited social interactions. Salim felt the need to share these skills and experiences with other entrepreneurs. He wanted to make it possible for them to achieve success. He started with a Youtube channel and Facebook group, advising people for free. Eventually, he went on to create an online course, to begin helping people. 

Salim devoted himself to online training and sharing knowledge. The success of the programs would lead to what is now Learning Master. Through Learning Master, he continues to pursue his goal of having a positive impact on the world. Thanks to this training program, Salim has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful online businesses. 

Helping others find their way

Salim stated that “business and society are the flesh and bones,” and  he yearned for the full experience. With his great knowledge of e-commerce and the number of successful online businesses, he wanted to help others achieve the same success. His fulfillment comes from seeing others succeed, and as they say,” great leaders are those that put others first.” Salim realized from early on that life is like a video game. He said, “you start the fame with some stats: intelligence, strength, or dexterity. The beautiful thing about life is that you can improve these stats by working on yourself, learning, and discovering new skills.” 

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He has walked that journey of self-improvement, and he is determined to help others do the same to reach their fullest potential. The training programs, give Salim the opportunity to pass on what he has learned onto others.

Becoming a Learning Master

Learning Master offers high-end online training and services that stand out in the market. All of its clients create successful businesses in record time and most importantly, they have one particular goal in mind to have a positive impact on the world. Salim says, “we want the people we support to share our values and ethics. It is the reason the program is not for everyone, but for those who have the right intentions and motivation. For those who are ready, the resources provided by Learning Master will help you accelerate your growth and that of others.” 

Salim focuses on what he is most passionate about, and has been able to build business ventures in e-commerce, digital marketing, and e-learning. By putting people at the center of his mission, Salim continues to grow in leaps and bounds. His is a truly inspiring story, and worth emulating. Never stop investing and believing in yourself. You have all you need to change the world in your unique ways.

Ulyses Osuna
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Ulyses Osuna has made his own unique advances to traditional PR-marketing activities to help his public relations endeavors succeed.

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