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19Ninetyz – Taking The World By Storm!

19Ninetyz is a twenty-seven-year-old singer from Detroit, Michigan. The devoted father of two is happily single and is not looking for a partner at the moment. He says that his priority now is to unleash his potential to the world.

Even though he has been making music since the age of sixteen, it is only when he turned nineteen that he realized the value music holds in his life. This also sheds light on his chosen artist’s name, that is, 19Ninetyz. The artist explains that music has been a part of his life since the early 2000s but till then, he was using it only as an escape. After 2002, he put all his energy into making music with a serious effort. Rapping became a way of venting for him since he was struggling with the feelings of being neglected and ignored at that time.
It is always interesting to uncover the journeys of artists and see them find that one moment when they knew for certain that this is the path they wanted to choose. For 19Ninetyz, that moment came when his ex-partner’s mother couldn’t stop crying after listening to the first draft of one of the songs he was working on then. He says that that moment has remained with him till date.
Eventually, he started to become more confident in his music, found ways to play with words, and would often ask people: “How does this sound?” in order to better himself.
When we asked him what his life would have looked like had he not been in the music industry, Nineteen says, “Honestly, I’m not sure. However, I do know that it wouldn’t be a positive environment or outcome.” Talking about his inspiration to get into music, he says, “Hands down, Eminem. Shady saved my life.” This devout follower of Eminem shares that his music is influenced by other artists as well such as Slick Rick and Biggie.
Explaining his style of music and genre, the upcoming singer from the United States says that he is heavily invested in Rap and Hip-Hop but loves to engage in Trap, R&B, and Drill as well. This underground rapper differentiates himself from other artists through his heavy reliance on lyricism. He believes that his style of emotional music with realistic bars, lyrical wordplay, and vibrant storytelling will ensure that people associate his music with making a difference in the world.
The lover of meaningful lyrics shares that he has developed his career mainly through SoundCloud and networking. Seeking out opportunities by forcing them is not Nineteen’s style. He says that he has met so many people who are extremely talented just from talking to them online. He confirmed that every single opportunity that he has ever gotten came to him naturally, with the connection between the two parties being always terrific.
The rapper believes that to be a great musician, he doesn’t necessarily need fame. He shares that he has noticed that those who are showered with fame generally end up hating it. In his own words: “Just put me on my Rushmore of my era of rap”. Nineteen says that in being yourself, you will always face some ups or downs in life but it is your mindset behind a particular action that matters the most. This is also the message that he wants to spread to the masses through his music.

Shedding light on his goals with respect to his music in the next year, Nineteen says that he wants to release more visuals. He says, “I have been a ghost so long, it’s finally time to show myself.” His singles and EP’s such as Romaine, Syrup, and Red Room have already been received well by music lovers around the world. He also has a word of caution for his counterparts: ‘I will eat these rappers on beats they got; I’m Mr. Steal your songs!’.

Apart from music, Nineteen is a fighter and video gamer. He refers to himself as ‘a beast on sticks’. You can find him on social media channels as 19Ninetyz.

Aston Agar
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Aston Agar is a Staff Writer at Yolo Daily, the #1 Digital Publication For Millennial News. Based in Wisconsin, USA He covers topics such as entertainment, business, Music, Rap, and Hip Hop. He is also fluent in both English and Spanish.

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