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Stop Living Average in 2020

Most of the successful people in the business and sports industry will bear witness to the practical teachings of the Australian based Success Coach, Mentor, and Author of the best-selling book,’Birth of the super you‘, Jacob Galea. Galeas’ experiences, practical communication skills, and transformational training methods, combined with his passion for what he does, has led many organizations, individual businesses, and celebrities to seek his expertise. They then have gone beyond their limits in their various companies while enjoying every bit of its fruits.

Public speaking requires a lot of courage and the ability to engage a crowd while remaining relevant in the given context, which are some of the attributes that favor Galea. Most coaches lack this necessary quality which means that, at the end of the training, most of the trainees leave with the wrong information or more confusion than before. However, Galea can communicate with an audience very well regardless of the size. He reaches out to each individual in the crowd giving them individual attention and ensures that they all leave better than they came.

Over the years, Galea has acquired knowledge of the human mind, intelligence, hypnotherapy, and martial arts in which he has a black belt. With the skills acquired above, Galea developed an effective program called the ‘Warrior Training Program’. 

The warrior training program trains the individual mind to be disciplined, strong, focused, and clear on the set goals. He does this by going step by step with the individual client, a process that ensures that the client achieves the intended success.

It is not always easy to follow instructions, especially when a stranger tries to restructure your way of thinking. One that has seamlessly been working okay for you. After all, the human mind is restricted to change. Having gone through this battle himself, Galea understands the struggle very well and therefore pushes the client harder towards realizing their potential. He helps them understand that every choice has consequences and that their success needs to be tied to a goal; in this case, it is to realize your most exceptional abilities.

For example, when it comes to business, Jacob Galeas’ training shows a client how to;

  • Balance or negotiate the relationship between your business and how the rest of the world sees it.
  • He trains you on how to meet the needs of your target audience while still personalizing the business enough to reflect you in it like a brand.
  • He trains you on how to identify the right business ventures, environments, and partners based on your talents and other points of strength that you possess.

Jacob Galea has spoken to multitudes of crowds in Australia and other parts of the world. You can trust the powerful transformation coach that he is to level up not only in business but eventually, in your personal life as well.

Having experienced the process of success from one level to a higher one, Galea aims to help people transform their own lives by teaching them how to activate their dormant abilities which are mostly innate and only need a little stimulation.

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