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How To Be Confident and Calm in All Social Situations With Bogdan Rosu



There are many people throughout the world that may feel a bit uncomfortable in a public setting. They might feel a little uneasy or feel like they’re being judged and watched. Most of those people who react this way think it is normal, but it’s actually not normal at all. This is an underlying issue called social anxiety. Social anxiety is when you feel uncomfortable in a social setting. Not only that but you feel like you’re being watched, judged, and so you panic. Social anxiety is also known as a social phobia because of the usual setting it takes place. 

There are many ways to cope with social anxiety but it can be quite difficult to totally get rid of it. There are people out there like Bogdan Rosu who hope to cure those affected by social anxiety. Bogdan is the top Confidence Coach in The World because of his success rates and methods. Like many other people, Bogdan also struggled with social anxiety and low self-confidence. One day he decided enough was enough so he studied Personal Development and the way people think to be more confident and help others. 

In doing this, Bogdan realized with his years of Martial Arts training he can combine the two to create a unique Personal Development and Martial Arts Program. Through this program, he has been able to help thousands of people become more self-confident while learning Martial Arts. Now, Bogdan focuses on helping others through his YouTube channel and his Online Program.

Bogdan has actually been able to conquer social anxiety and he is able to help others cope with it and conquer it as well through his programs. Here are 4 different ways you can control your social anxiety:

  1. Focus on others and not yourself: This means when you’re out in public, just focus on others around you and listen to them. Don’t pay any attention to yourself because you will overthink every little thing you do and panic.
  2. Learn to control your breathing: If you can control your breathing you will learn to calm yourself down and even your heart rate. Breathe in deeply for 4 seconds through your nose, hold it for 2 seconds and then exhale slowly for 6 seconds. 
  3. Try and be more social: A good way to challenge social anxiety is to be more social and go out. This is you basically training your mind and body to get used to the social setting and be okay with it. The more you practice the more normal it will all seem to you. 
  4. Stop trying to be so perfect: Trying to be perfect all the time will only make your social anxiety worse. You need to understand that no one is perfect and it is important to just be yourself because that’s what people will like about you. 

On top of all of this, there are people like Bogdan Rosu who aim to cure individuals who suffer from social anxiety and low self-confidence. Bogdan is able to help others eliminate the obstacles that are hindering people from becoming their best selves. He also helps people eliminate the mental blocks that hinder people from moving on or becoming successful because they are afraid to take any risks. Bogdan knows what it is like to be controlled by social anxiety so that is why he is so passionate about helping others cope with this disorder.

Julio Martinez is a Columnist at Yolo Daily.

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