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How Steven Mayer Has Changed The Lives of Over 500 People With His Amazon Automation

When we talk about e-commerce in retail, it is quite obvious that the market leader is Amazon. It is miles ahead of most other competitors. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are keen on learning about a person who has leveraged the strength of e-commerce and has made big money, then you may have reasons to know more about Steven Mayer. Steven Mayer is a highly successful entrepreneur, who is a living example of somebody who has been able to move from mediocrity to high levels of success. 

There could be many such people who have become highly successful entrepreneurs, but there is a difference as far as Steven Mayer is concerned. He has believed in sharing his success stories with others around him. Steven is easily earning a seven-figure income and he is totally financially free. Therefore he is qualified and in a position to teach his success story to others. We will try and find out how he has been able to use Amazon as the platform for not only helping himself but also helping over 500 people to break away from the grind and monotony called a job. 

Who Is Steven Mayer?

Steven Mayer was born a simple young kid to parents who were from Calgary, Canada. He was always brought up in a conservative middle-class environment. His father was a blue-collar worker and had limited dreams and vision about life. He advised and counseled Steven on what he knows about life and careers. He was always counseled to excel as a blue-collar worker and perhaps to try and aspire to become a white-collar worker. However, Steven Mayer was not happy with this and was always on the lookout for something new and significant. He was lucky to gain access to books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. This lit the fire of entrepreneurship in him and there was no stopping him from then on. 

His Tryst With Amazon

Destiny again brought Steven Mayer in touch with an old friend and he was amazed when he saw him making income in excess of $300,000 a month from Amazon. He decided that this is where the future lies and got into the job of setting up an e-commerce automation tool with Amazon. It clicked and he was able to move into the safe zone of financial freedom. He is now comfortably earning passive income. 

He is Generous

Unlike many self-centered entrepreneurs, Steven Mayer was keen on teaching his success formula in Amazon automation to many entrepreneurs. He got started by setting up an organization known as Valiant Consultants and today it is the catalyst of change for many young entrepreneurs. He has been able to help more than 500 people become successful entrepreneurs and all this has been done by helping them to perfect their respective Amazon automation tools.

He was able to help thousands of people generate more income by teaching them his knowledge and experiences. Steven has also helped two individuals become millionaires and many others make 5-6 figures.

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