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How Kustas Kirsipuu Became A Self Made Millionaire



There are few millionaires who came from nothing and Kustas Kirsipuu is one of them. This self-made man proved himself while going through a tough time in his life. Kustas is a cryptocurrency investor and serial entrepreneur who belongs to a small village in Estonia.

He is known for leading the business community for his outstanding contribution to network marketing and scaling 7-8 figure businesses. Besides, he helps the young aspirants to get financial freedom by fulfilling their business goals.

Childhood Dream & Obstacles

He came from a small village and reached this stage by following his dreams to do something different in his life. He was a basketball player and wanted to become a professional. However, destiny had different plans for him and he became injured which led him to two back operations. Here is his story from the man himself:

“Only then, I realized I cannot become a basketball professional. I felt like my world collapsed and I will have to try something different if I want to be successful in my life. Also, my family support was not there with me due to some misunderstanding. As a result, I moved out without any financial support. I was bankrupt and decided to keep trying. I was only 21 then and had no other financial support to meet my daily ends.  

I started working in shopping centers since I had no money for survival. I worked hard beyond working hours. This period was not satisfying and I was just working for money. However, it contributed to my success. It made me disciplined. I learned the value of commitment, persistence, and hard work. This is where I learned some great lessons in my life. 

Now when I think about all past years, I feel proud of those jobs that made me confident. I feel proud that I have gone through that phase and became better capable of handling any type of challenge. In the current condition, I enjoy challenges and get lessons from them. From my experience, I have realized that certain principles can help anyone to achieve their goals regardless of any obstacle. I have realized that anything that seems unreal, difficult, and misunderstood initially can be profitable in the long run. Here are some principles that helped me to fulfill my dream and can help any to get success.” 

Principles to Become Successful in Life

·    Strong family values

·    Ambition 

·    A big heart and desire to learn

·    Confidence 

·    Generous

·    A X-factor 

·    Simplicity and hardworking

·    Broad-minded and straight forward

·    Fearless attitude with a strong opinion

·    Communicative and expressive 

With all these simple principles, one can achieve any success in life. The key to success is confidence and desire to learn regardless of complexities. The life of Kustas Kirsipuu is the best example of how a great desire to succeed can enable you to achieve all your dreams. He was able to completely turn his life around in order for him to become a successful entrepreneur. Many young entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Kustas Kirsipuu.

Julio Martinez is a Columnist at Yolo Daily.

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